Princess Of Pop

Britney is princess of pop 👸 . I’m proud to be #BritneyArmy . Fan account If you want to follow me on Spotify too, click on👇link👇

I always love her look 💗
Another photo from “Britney” era
In this photo she is stunning 😍💕
From “Blackout” photo session
“Gimme More” photo shoot. The song with iconic intro.
Iconic intro
Today is the day
Before to watch Britney’s announcement, don’t forget to vote. 1 day left. Tap on link in my bio. #PieceOfMeTour #TheConcertTour #pcas
Thanks to this song I started listening to Britney. It remains my favorite.
Mtv Awards 2001 Rehearsal
I’m a slave 4 you photo shoots
@britneyspears#PieceOfMeTour is a @peopleschoice #TheConcertTour FINALIST! Let’s get those 25 votes per day going #BritneyArmy ! Votes count 2X today Link in bio
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