Find me on the streets of NYC

How a Prince should be driven.
Golden showers on top of Golden cars. @danieljean56 @cobypersin
That one friend you can’t take to nice places. @nusr_et @raxoy @danieljean56
This didn’t end well. @danieljean56 @cobypersin
I still have no idea what he said. @atuedadvasegui @danieljean56
“Man in the Gold Thong” is now a super hero! Can you guess his super powers? #comiccon #comicconnyc #comiccon2018
There was no way I was paying $1,000+ for this Gucci sweater. That shit is rent money right there. Buy, Stunt, Return. 😎
I tried applying for food stamps today, but some guy got pissed off at me because I was wearing Gucci and Red bottoms. Let me get this money bro. @danieljean56 @pure13eauty
See the dirt? Stepping on you haters.
Today I learned to never take pictures of people without their permission even though how different they look. My two friends @43giant @rafezy deals with this shit everyday and its sucks! So enjoy this social experiment and show love to everybody no matter what size or shape they are. ❤️ (Watch the Full video. LINK IN BIO) @danieljean56
Hi my name is Zeeshan, I’m an analyst and I hate my 9-7pm corporate job. You are gonna be seeing more of this character doing unusal things in public and getting into terrible situations. Reason for behavior: stressed af, lost his mind and doesn’t care anymore. Based on a true experience of my life in 2015. I hope this explains all my other videos were I’m dressed up. Lol • Shirt: @charlestyrwhitt Jacket: @onsclothing Slacks: @topman • 📸: @alxguzmanphotography
Gym instructors be doing too much sometimes @danieljean56 @ pure13euty
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