Find me on the streets of NYC

Thanks for having our crazy asses on your show. Shoutout to “Right This Minute” on ABC Channel 7. Thank you everyone for your continuous support and love ❤️ @danieljean56
Someone called the SWAT team on us during our skit, but when they pulled up they already knew the deal. Shoutout to NYPD. ❤️ @danieljean56 @comedydirector @robiiiworld @baffmasta
Hosting TONIGHT at LeSouk! @danieljean56 @lesoukrestaurant
This guy ruined my dreams of becoming a musican. @danieljean56 @officialstrikes @_prince_oji @gmugs @smokingfeen
Lmao get your @nydailynews today. We are on page 6!! #nydailynews @danieljean56
IG deleted my video at 2.5 mil because of violence. Whatever. you can now find the FULL VIDEO ON @princezeeee. Stay tune for more crazy shit. Shoutout to all of my new followers and the love.
Tried pulling up to this drug dealers yatch party with my gold thong. @desireevanessaa @officialstrikes @isaac_bautista_ @nyc_pirates
Was coming home from work and some lady went ape shit on me. (THIS WAS STAGED) @sexxystaceface @desireevanessaa
Meanwhile in Brooklyn. I‘ll be on the loose again very soon @danieljean56
Was mad late for work today. @ferriswheeljay
Never mess up a womens order 😂 @desireevanessaa
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