Native New Yorker living in Pakistani πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

Just the beginning. Gold thong global.
When joking with your friends gets personal 😩 w/ @clop3z @iamjessenia @desireevanessaa @rico_hundo @maria.derenzin πŸŽ₯ @iamcarlosstuart #friends #lol #vines #nofilter #wow
WANT A CHANCE TO FILM FOR ONE WHOLE DAY & NIGHT IN NEW YORK CITY WITH MY CREW AND I!? We are running a competition and if you are chosen (United States only), your flight, food and stay for 1 night in New York City will be covered. You will film & be with us that whole day, as well as stay that night with us! You will be flying out the next morning. We are all excited to run this competition for the first time and to finally have the means (thanks to @lordtimepieces & also everyone below) to allow a lucky fan to come film with us! All you have to do is follow the competition guidelines! This is a legit competition and we cannot wait to pick a winner! Everything will be documented! MAKE SURE YOU ARE FREE BETWEEN MAY 28th - JUNE 2nd (we will pick one of those days for you to come)! The winner will be picked and announced in about a week and a half! HERE’S HOW TO WIN: MUST FOLLOW EVERYONE BELOW, TAG 3 FRIENDS ON THIS POST, & DM ANYONE ONE OF US A REASON WHY YOU DESERVE TO WIN @lordtimepieces @uthmman @ruumman @iamjessenia @rico_hundo @desireevanessaa @cindyballantine @_saffabear_ @clop3z @danieljean56 @natfriedmantv @d_prados @marisolrromo @q.thedisciple @bonafideparadigms
When u take the animal home cause its cute af. #goat
Living in the most beautiful place in Pakistan! Never knew my country had this dope ass spot. Also taking care and bonding with my new baby goat for 2 weeks. See you on Youtube! #naranvalley
When u cant find a clean seat at the food court. Queens Center Mall. 🀬
When you trying to go from point A to B, but u get screwed over. Gotta love Pakistan ❀️🀣
Finished cutting and stacking up all this wheat. Saying goodbye to the farm life and on to the next journey. Eat, sleep, work, shit and repeat. Farm life is great. Subscribe to my youtube.
You can never shit in peace at a public restroom. #princezee
Met my family in Pakistan for the first time after 27 years. Full video on my YouTube channel. Link in bio.
Relationship problems 🀬 w/ @jacobbergeractor @natfriedmantv @big_brody_6
Embracing my culture to the fullest. I’m working as a farmer and doing all types of Pakistani shit out here. New YouTube video up! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°
No electricity for a week! Gonna be milking cows and doing farm shit with my family out here. Posting all videos on my Youtube channel. Link in bio.
Im tired of seeing myself and other men being treated like shit. It’s time for us men to unite and stand together. #MyDickMyChoice β€’ @n_hill10 @vitamindiddy @lekurokami @ferriswheeljay
The main reason why MTA has train delays. 😩 #princezee #mta #lol
Happy Earth Day. Forced my dad to take this pic 😩
Loving my surroundings and area that I’m living at. My paaji (elder bro) took me on a small tour today in Gujranwala Pakistan
After 27 years I’m finally visiting the motherland for the first time in my life. Currently living and working on my documentary of my spiritual journey in Pakistan. This past week has been life changing as fuck! super excited to share the experiences that I’m going through. Gonna be focusing on my youtube channel so hit the subscribe button. Mood: Discovering myself and wearing the same shit everyday πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°
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