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Developing athletes with movement intelligence #movementIQ A relentless pursuit of excellence. @propelsportsphysio

We are SO proud! Congratulations @coachjessibasco for completing your degree!🎉 we couldn’t ask for a better girl to be apart of our team! Ps. Please swipe to put a smile on your face! 👏🏼
Our programming for fitness and one on one classes always consider proper movement patterns. We first take our clients through a warm up of functional movement so our coaches can identify potential problems. Once these movement problems are addressed we can build strength and conditioning from that foundation! 📸 @desilesphotography
CUPPING! •we offer cupping to aid in the recovery of our clients, this treatment will help with fascial decompression and increase blood flow to speed up muscle recovery👊 #recovery 📸 @desilesphotography
Let’s have some fun this holiday season!🎄 Challenge yourself with our 12 Days of Christmas Punch Pass👊 Check out our highlighted stories for all the DEETS!
Yin & Massage🙏🏼 This couldn’t be a better combo! Enjoy a 90 minute Yin yoga class with @laurenhowardtripp_yoga while @emily.dirk wanders the room massaging your troubles away! Dec 23 @ 12pm & Dec 27 @ 7pm
A little pre-weekend/ Black Friday sesh w/ @coachjessibasco 💦
Programming for our sport performance team training is goal driven by creating better athletes in their sport, through age appropriate movements and activities. This is important because early intervention in strength and conditioning has been shown to improve athletic performance into adulthood! 📸 @desilesphotography
Our rehab performance programs are structured to enhance athletes movement intelligence and are meant to be filling the gap between injury treatment phases and high-performance phases! #PPI 📸 @desilesphotography
Movement happens in patterns and in a variety of situations. At #PPI we believe in reinforcing, teaching and incorporating this into our methods and programs. Good movement equates to good health – because our bodies are meant to MOVE! 📸 @desilesphotography
We strive to improve everyone’s “Movement IQ” ▪️The ability of the body to move well through movement patterns in a variety of situations. We work to improve the capacity of the body to handle life situations, sport situations and to create better humans capable of more! 📸 @desilesphotography
#PPI FAM: @coachjessibasco What’s your favourite exercise? ▪️Snatch. What’s your guilty pleasure? ▪️Fries😳 What’s your 90’s go to song? ▪️Barbie Girl by Aqua. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you? ▪️7/10👍 What would we find is your fridge if we looked right now? ▪️A lot of Filipino Mango Juice😂 Connect with Jess? Book a personal training session with her! 📸 @desilesphotography
You might not always be hurt, but you can always be better. #PPI #recovery #prehab #rehab #functionaltraining #yeg #yegfitness 📸 @desilesphotography
Becoming better and stronger doesn’t happen overnight, trust the process!💪🏼 #functionaltraining #physiotherapy #prehab #rehab #yeg #yegfitness 📸 @desilesphotography
**NEW CLASS ALERT** •Introducing SPIN STRENGTH w/ Dom & Jill. •Do you need to improve your strength? But also love to burn calories and improve your aerobic system? You can now do it all in 1 hour w/ SPIN STRENGTH! •Our professional coaches carefully designed the optimal combination of spin and strength that will challenge your muscular system like a strength class but also hit you with 10-20 minutes of bike interval work challenging the upper end of your aerobic system! •Come try out our first class November 3 @11 :00am!
10 years ago this incredible woman started @propelsportsphysio. She is the definition of hustle, determination, strength and passion! Thank you @physioplouffe for chasing your dreams and getting us where we are today! ✨ #bosslady 📷: @desilesphotography
#PPI FAM: todays post isn’t about one of our trainers but rather the hardest working girl that has been apart of our community. Since the day our doors opened this girl has been at our Threshold class daily. Not only does she give it her all when she walks through the door but she brings an energy like no other. Today marks her last class at #PPI as she moved down to the sunshine. Natalie, you will be missed! Please come back soon!🙏🏼 @canuckchickadee
Good morning #YEG ! Start your day right and meet us @propelperformanceinstitute 💪🏼💦
Are you ready for some YOGA pop-ups ! Don’t miss your chance this month to work on mobility without compromising stability with yoga designated or all our tight peeps out there! ▪️October 19th & 26th w/ Erica ▪️October 16th & 30th w/ Sarah Register through the link in our bio! 🙏🏼
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