Our mission is to feed your body and mind with everything you need to exceed yourself. 🔎 Peanut Butter and Gojj ⤵️

Now you can spread a delicious goji and peanut combination any time of the day, assured that you’re making a much healthier choice: 90% peanuts and 10% goji berries, nothing else! 😋 Try it now ➡ link on bio. #ExceedYourself #Prozis #peanutbutter #goji #healthychoices
X-ACT means power! 👊⠀ This range of training apparel has been developed to give you the support you need for your daily workouts. The cut and fit of each piece accommodate warmth and freedom of movement without weighing you down.⠀ Featured: 🔎 X Act - Blade Jacket Black⠀ ⠀ #ExceedYourself #Prozis #ProzisGear #gymgear #workout
Prozis developed Iron to provide you with a high-quality source of this essential mineral! 👉 Each serving contains 20 mg of iron, meeting your daily iron needs with only one capsule a day. Know more on our website. #ExceedYourself #Prozis #Iron
To know your true potential, you must constantly challenge yourself. 💪 #ExceedYourself #Prozis #ProzisGear #motivationalquote #workout #fitness
What’s on your breakfast table this #WorldPorridgeDay ? Get inspired by our delicious and nutritious suggestions and make sure you celebrate this day the right way! 😋 And if you don’t have the ingredients to prepare your porridge, we know exactly where you can find them ➡ link on bio. #ExceedYourself #Prozis #ProzisRecipes #porridge #oats #instafood
Let's celebrate World Porridge Day! Take a photo of your porridge bowl and share it with #ProzisRecipes . Inspire yourself with this delicious bowl from @runfit.stl 🤤 Ingredients: 40 g oat flakes 15g instant oats powder, vanilla flavour 150 ml almond milk, without added sweeteners 100 ml water 50 g cottage cheese (fromage blanc) or Skyr for a protein version One apple Cinnamon 2 drops of vanilla flavouring Berries Dice half the apple into small pieces. Boil then in pan with a bit of water and a teaspoon on cinnamon. Once the bits of apple are boiled, add the oat flakes, and then the almond milk and the water. Leave to boil and then lower the heat, cover the porridge and let it cook for 5 minutes, while mixing every once in a while. Two minutes before it’s ready, add the oats powder, the flavour drops and the Skyr. Pour the porridge into a bowl and decorate it to your taste. Here, we have added slices of apple with cinnamon, berries and some peanut butter with pecan nuts. #ExceedYourself #Prozis #porridge #oats #instafood
#WorldPorridgeDay is coming and what better way to celebrate it than sharing your most delicious porridge recipes! 😍⠀ Here’s what you need to do: 👇⠀ 1. Use your Prozis Oats, pick your favourite ingredients and choose your toppings - Link on bio.⠀ 2. Take a photo of your porridge bowl and share it with #ProzisRecipes . We will keep an eye on this hashtag 😎⠀ ⠀ #ExceedYourself #Prozis #porridge #oats #instafood
Prozis Befit Bag XS 👉 Your small-sized and convenient BeFit Bag, perfect for your daily routine:⠀ • All-in-one meal bag for on the go⠀ • Side pockets for liquids (water bottle, shaker)⠀ • Strong and durable⠀ • Easy to carry⠀ ➡ Check it out on our online store. ⠀ ⠀ #ExceedYourself #Prozis #ProzisGear #befitbag #fitnesslifestyle
High in protein and low in carbs, the Lean Bagel is a 100% fit choice that guarantees an irresistible flavour 😋.⠀ Choose your favourite - carob, muesli or multigrain -, add the right ingredients and enjoy!⠀ ⬆ Know more on our site.⠀ ⠀ #ExceedYourself #Prozis #bagel #bread #instafood
Aim high, believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable! #ExceedYourself #Prozis #ProzisGear #motivationalquote #fitness
Get the help you need to achieve your Fitness and Health goals with Prozis Zero Whey Isolate, an ultra-filtered whey protein with zero trans fats and sugars. 💪 #ExceedYourself #prozis #wheyisolate #whey #workout #fitnessgoals
Prozis products are the perfect ally for your meals and snacks! 😍 With them, you can make delicious food suited to your diet and fitness goals. Which Prozis product can't be missing from your kitchen? - 📸 Thanks for sharing @michellerakiman #ExceedYourself #prozis #prozisrecipes #pancakes #instafood #healthyrecipes
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