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The Dukes' Martini is a blatantly old-school (read: dry AF) version of the iconic cocktail. Here, bar manager Alessandro Palazzi dashes vermouth into the glass, swirling to coat before pouring out the excess. Head to the link in our profile for a look behind the scenes and for Palazzi's tips to mastering London's most famous Martini. #drinkpunch 📷: @jasonjbailey
The Shipwreck Saint is "simple yet delicious" says @lilfuzilla , describing her tea-inspired cocktail. With a resume that includes stints at PDT, The Nomad, Mayahuel and more, Karen Fu is now behind the bar program at the newly opened Studio Bar at New York’s new @freehandhotels outpost. She shares the inspiration behind three drinks that define her style + recipes via the link in our profile. #drinkpunch #spiritforward #punchpartner 📷: @danielkrieger
Look, if you’re going to make an Irish Coffee today (or...ever), the @deadrabbitnyc ’s version comes with some serious pedigree, aka an assist from Dale DeGroff. Get @vosejillian ’s tips to mastering the bar’s beloved cocktail, plus her recipe via the link in our profile. #drinkpunch 📷: @ericmedsker
The perfect Daiquiri is a fine balancing act between spirit, acid and sweetness. We blind-tasted 20 recipes from America's top bartenders to find the version that best captured the platonic ideal. Get the winning recipe (and a couple of honorable mentions) via the link in our profile. #drinkpunch 📷: @danielkrieger
This is Thursday night at @bullets_sports_bar. Jazz legend Kermit Ruffins holds court and set-ups are served. Head to the link in our profile to find out why this 7th Ward gem is "pound-for-pound the finest bar in New Orleans in which to enjoy live jazz." #drinkpunch 📷: @lizzieamunro
It’s no secret that our editors pretty much spend all day surrounded by booze. From a new-to-market amaro to a sparkling wine that punches above its weight and more—the drinks that they’re most into right now via the link in our profile. #drinkpunch 📷: @lizzieamunro
"This is me bartending, right now, this is bartending,” @sam4nderson says as he assembles one of his signature cocktail shrines. Go #bts with the @missionchinesefood beverage director as he builds this one, complete with flowers and a Negroni fountain—link is in our profile. #drinkpunch 📷: @lizzieamunro
Would you risk lead poisoning to drink vintage Wild Turkey bourbon from the ’60s and ’70s? Lead poisoning be damned, @joshfortress continues to drink midcentury whiskey from his collection of nearly 100 vintage decanters. Scroll for a few standouts, and head to the link in our profile for more. #drinkpunch 📷: @lizzieamunro
The Winona Hawkins, a “fruit-washed” Old-Fashioned, is just one of the cocktails that define the style of @orlandofranklin —our inaugural Bartender in Residence. Head over to the link in our profile for the recipe for his clever nod to the “new-fashioned.” #drinkpunch #bartenderinresidence 📷: @lizzieamunro
“There’s a lot more to cocktails than cool new ingredients," says @lizzyp217 , owner of @thedrifterchicago. Find out what ingredient she thinks is most underrated, the weirdest drink request she's ever gotten and get the recipe for this Chareau-based Collins riff via the link in our profile. #drinkpunch #spiritforward #punchpartner 📷: @nickmurway
Daylight savings has got us thinking about all the things we're going to drink in the actual sun. Cue @pamwiz ’s Cold in the Shadows, a bracing Campari- and IPA-laced shandy. Head over to the link in our profile for the recipe. #drinkpunch 📷: @lizzieamunro
The cube in coupe is an unorthodox preparation that’s been gaining traction at some of the top bars in the world. As it turns out, the tale of coupe ice is a tangled one that spans three continents. We investigate the phenomenon—where did it come from? and more importantly, why?—via the link in our profile. #drinkpunch 📷: @ericmedsker
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