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Treat yourself to a special brunch or dinner at Pyramids of Chi. Sometimes it's nice to get out of town, head up into the rice fields and drive up to pyramids of chi. We have vegetarian and vegan options as well.
Surprise your date by bringing him or her into a surprise sound healing experience, sessions take place every day at 11am and 3pm. If you need transportation, we have a free shuttle leaving from the palace at ubuds downtown every hour. Have a great week ahead! . #ubud #ubudbali #bali #pyramidsofchi
Good morning! Come join us this weekend at Pyramids of Chi for "New moon ceremony", you can read more in our fb events or at
Book your session in advance for this weeks events, its high season, so I recommend you to book at before the day you want to visit us.
Have you had brunch or lunch yet? Visit our cafe at Pyramids of Chi for a delicious treat before the 3pm sound session. Free shuttle leaving from the palace every day.
To check our monthly calendar of activities please visit
Brunch time? Come join us at Pyramids of Chi restaurant. . #ubud #ubudbali #ubudfood #vegan #nonvegan #brunch
Have you ever had a sound healing experience? If you happen to be in Bali, and you want to try something new, check out our sessions at #ubud #ubudbali #bali #soundhealing #gongs #pyramids
We invite you to try our new dishes at Pyramids of Chi, all made from scratch. A great opportunity to get out of the traffic buzz and enjoy brunch or lunch in a wonderful location. #ubud #ubudbali #baliindonesia #bali #balifood #balifoodies #ubudfood
In this rainy weather come up to pyramids of chi in ubud and treat yourself to a warm curry soup, a sound journey or a cacao ceremony. We will make sure you feel like home. #ubud #ubudbali #pyramidsofchi #getawayfromubud #rainydays #bali #baliindonesia
Have you ever tried our veggie curry? It's a great heart warmer and body grounder after a meditation or sound session at our pyramids. Come visit us, even if it's just to get away from busy down town and to grab a bite, we will be happy to welcome you. #ubud #bali #pyramidsofchi #brunchbali #bestcurry
Acoustic Bio Resonance is a sound healing modality where your whole body is exposed to sound waves, by doing so your cells get stimulated with sounds and vibrations in a very unusual way, which stimulates your dopamine and serotonin production. By the end of our sessions you are more relaxed, rested and calm. To book one private session or meditation please visit our site
Music, the vibration of gongs, drums and didgeridoos with the combination of sandalwood smoke or other precious resins has been proven to induce deep relaxation, theta waves and decompression from daily stress. 20 minutes of theta state is equivalent to 3-5 hours of normal sleep rejuvenation to our cells, so go figure how many hours of rejuvenation you get in a 1-2 hours of sound journey!!!
If you where wondering how do our sound healing spaces look like: This is the inside chamber of one of our pyramids in preparation for one of our cacao ceremonies. You can see our schedule of events at our site or at our fb page. Have a beautiful Day!
If you happen to be in Bali, and you are looking for a unique experience that you wont find anywhere else in the world, then come join us for a sound meditation at pyramids of Chi.
At Pyramids of Chi Bali we have some of the best desserts in town, all made the same day by our chef. If you want to get away from the downtown traffic buzz, treat yourself to a sound journey, a mediation, some epic food at our restaurant or all of the above. #ubud #meditationubud #bali #ubudfood #ubudlife #ubudrestaurant
We are proud to announce the start of our new shuttle service! The shuttle departs from Ubud Palace each hour between 9:30am until 4:30pm and is ready to take you back to town after the sessions as well 🚐🎶 Getting to the Pyramids has never been so easy so hop on board and experience the magic of Sound Healing and Pyramid Power ✨🙏
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