Todayyyy felt like a Tuesday with Friday vibes 💮...
Finals can be stressful, but you can never go wrong with Peet’s Nitro Cans to keep you energized 💝 #sponsored #ad #TrueNitro @peetscoffee
What a perfect Monday to be drinking coffee ☕️ #truecoldbrew keeps me energized whenever I’m lacking sleep ‼️💯#sponsored #ad
Weekends in the city are aesthetic ....
Gryffin was electric last night 😍💋I’m a happy college gal !
Even angels have their demons❤️
This is what our Halloween looked like😂 had fun with @jmarrissey 💎
Had tooo much fun modeling today at the Expo with them⭐️💋It was a long day but it was so worth it in the end🙏 Thanks to #pinkhorses for their beautiful work @pinkhorsesboutique
I can say honestly say Prom was one of the best nights of my life👠