Queen Naija👑


Really don’t know what I’m doing but hi 👋
“pretend” coming to you soon ❤️😆
#rightbackchallenge @armonandtrey 🙈☺️😘 just a little something , full version on my Twitter @ queennnaija 😘
I could not have asked for a better birthday yesterday. The way he was so thoughtful about EVERY single thing he did and even bought me was so beautiful. The horse & carriage was amazing and so romantic & it shows me he listens sooooo well cause I always talked about how I wanted a horse & carriage one day, from the rooftop fancy restaurant looking at the city of New York to every gift you presented me at every location, the reason why you picked them, the rose petals, the diamonds, the high end things I would never go and buy myself, the way you looked at me sincerely when you gave them.... OMG! Your mama taught you well, you’re a real man @clarencenyc and I enjoyed myself ❤️ now how imma top this 😨🙌🏼 I love you! Thank you for everything. You treat me like a real Queen.
🙈 Be mine forever 🙏🏽 love you @clarencenyc 💎❤️
Go click the link in my bio to watch Mama’s Hand Official Video ❤️ hope you y’all enjoy
❤️ I’m blessed @clarencenyc
“BIZZness partners” 😜😛
90’s Baby Vibes 🕶🙉 #thebirthofqueennaijatour @bellenbrand
Classic mirror pic 😊
So as I’m about to perform.. someone records my baby rooting for me 😭 he is literally the cutest, as long as I’m making him proud right now nothing else matters ❤️ soon imma have two little princes yelling “GO MOMMY!!” P.s BABY RENZO WAS MOVING THE WHOLE TIME I WAS SINGING, he loves it when I sing too 😊
but you fit me better than my favorite sweater 🙃
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