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Gliding into the weekend like this little green sea turtle in the crystalline waters of #LadyMusgraveIsland . Located off the coast of the Town of 1770 (@gladstoneregion ), this protected pocket of water is like swimming in an ocean aquarium, and its calm waters are perfect for families and swimmers of all abilities to snorkel and explore the colourful reef! 🐢 If you choose to daytrip instead, you can view the reef by glass bottom boat, go diving, snorkelling, take island walks and discover the amazing and pristine reef habitat many marine and land animals call home. 🐠 #thisisqueensland by @adrianjcox #southerngreatbarrierreef
Looking for a weekend adventure not far from the @destinationgoldcoast shoreline? Make like @justinthislife and make tracks to the beautiful World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest of #SpringbrookNationalPark 🍃 Start at the Gwongorella picnic area in and make your way down to the gorge as you pass an abundance of wildflowers in the open forest. You'll be treated to breathtaking views of Purling Brook Falls from above and below! 😍💦 Tip: Be sure to walk the circuit in a clockwise direction, otherwise you’re going to be climbing heaps of stairs on the way back! #thisisqueensland #wearegoldcoast
Talk about best seat in the house! How's this for an infinity pool? 😍 This hidden @tropicalnorthqueensland wonder - #WindinFalls - is tucked away on the @athertontablelands , accessed via the #OldCairnsTrack 🌿 It's about a 90 minute hike each way, so make sure you leave plenty of time to explore, kick back in the refreshing pool and marvel at the jaw-dropping view over #WooroonooranNationalPark . #thisisqueensland by @thegingerwanderlust #exploretnq
Sunrise and surf go together like the #GoldCoast and balmy beach days 🤙☀️ This dreamy beach @destinationgoldcoast beach - #BurleighBeach - is all about sun, sand, piercing-blue gentle waters, and epic surf breaks. Do you have a favourite #GoldCoast beach? Tell us about it in the comments below! #thisisqueensland by @nathanprostamo #wearegoldcoast
Check out this birds eye view of @orpheusisland ! Want to dive right in? Let's do it!👉 This spectacular island off the coast of @townsvillenorthqueensland is surrounded by 1300 hectares of #nationalpark , and you can actually camp at this very spot on #OrpheusIsland ; there are a total of three campgrounds on the #island , and they’re all beachside, so make sure you pack your flippers to take advantage of the turquoise water and vibrant marine life 🐠🐟 #thisisqueensland by @rosspenegar #townsvilleshines
A golden sunrise deep in the heart of the #DaintreeRainforest , @tropicalnorthqueensland... is it any wonder this is easily @reubennutt 's favourite place in @Australia ? 🙌 Our rainforests are more than just special places to explore – immersed in bird song and frog call, and dewy with mist and rain – they’re the living, breathing heart of the planet. In #Australia we’re blessed with many wonderful rainforests, despite being one of the driest continents in the world, yet none are as old, or as majestic, as the Daintree Rainforest. UNESCO World Heritage-listed since 1988 and part of the Wet Tropics, the Daintree is tens of millions of years older than the Amazon Rainforest. Have you visited this natural wonder? #thisisqueensland #exploretnq
‼️PSA: There are just 2 weeks left to see the humpback whales in action as they continue their annual migration along the #Queensland coastline! 🐳 Now that we have your attention, here's everything you need to know about seeing these gentle giants do their thing 👉 @visitfrasercoast 's #HerveyBay is the place to be if you want to see mumma humpbacks teach their young to breach, tail slap and spurt water from their blow holes in the calm, protected waters. 🙌 @radimklimes captured this epic shot aboard @herveybaywhalewatch , and isn't it a beauty? #thisisqueensland #visitfrasercoast #whalesherveybay
Located just under 2-hours from the @visitsunshinecoast , you'll find the laid-back beach town of #RainbowBeach home to one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in #Queensland . ☀️ This pristine part of the #SunshineCoast is known for its coloured sands sprinkled with a palette of over 72 different hues. But, if you think the natural goods stop there, wait ’til you see #CarloSandBlow – a unique moonscape sand mass covering over 15 hectares overlooking the towers of coloured sands with 360 degree views stretching out to #DoubleIslandPoint and #TinCanBay . And... just when you think this couldn't get better, wait until you see the sunsets from here. One word = breathtaking. #thisisqueensland by @_danno_29 #visitsunshinecoast
Sending you a virtual postcard from where you'd rather be right now 👉 paddling the emerald green, ✨ waters of @visitnoosa Spit. Explore @visitsunshinecoast 's #relaxationcapital  by canoe, kayak, SUP or boat, just wander to the end of Hastings St and you'll find yourself in this sublime piece of paradise. Did you know that there's also a little off-leash dog beach where your furry friends can roam free at all times? 🐶 #thisisqueensland by @davewilcockphotography #visitsunshinecoast
Looking for an adventure not far from the @destinationgoldcoast 's coastline? 🌿 Venture to #LamingtonNationalPark - part of the #GondwanaRainforests of @australia - a lush, beautiful remnant of an ancient land, nestled in the #GoldCoast hinterland. One of the lesser known cascades in this @qldparks  is the aptly named Running Creek Falls. Make sure to plan your trip ahead of time for this one ☝️️ Please note: This 18km return hike is for experienced climbers only, so take your time and ensure you are well prepared! #thisisqueensland by @type_2_fun_adventures #wearegoldcoast
As the weather warms up, here's how the locals like to keep cool in @tropicalnorthqueensland ! 💦👌👋 Behana Gorge, we're looking at you. Your journey begins at the base of the famous Walshs Pyramid, half an hour south of Cairns. From here it’s a solid 45-minute trek up steep hills to reach your destination, but it sure is worth it for what you'll find here! Cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear rock pools, plenty of spots to spread out over - you can even go on a canyoning adventure with @behanacanyoning ! ✨ #thisisqueensland by @_sarahlatham  #exploreTNQ
👋 from where you'd rather be 👉 @visitfraserisland or as the Butchulla people call it, 'K'gari' (meaning paradise). ✨ Evidence suggests Aboriginal people have lived in the #GreatSandy area for at least 5000 years, but they may have been here far longer. Today, K'gari contains heritage sites of spiritual, social and archaeological significance where you'll find ancient, lush rainforest, sand dunes for days and the iconic #LakeMckenzie with it's pure white silica sand and piercing blue waters 💦 #thisisqueensland by @whereisjuliplussam #visitfrasercoast
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