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To many fares with overflowing grades, set up with memory shades, nobody stays everyone fades, jiggling our fates, with no open left such gates. everyone bustling to pen down their breakups with poetic hiccups, need some brain sit-ups. Why would you cry over some one whose being being blunt and can't carry your feeling as their's. Till when will you feel sorrow for those who didn't even showed right arrow. They don't leave us accidently they Cross over our paths and leave us broken hearts. Loyalty is rare presently, rather than blaming them and flaming yourself every other day, It's s better indulge yourself to life goals rather than these type of goals which leave you in a black hole of rage and confusion while they suffer from their own fusion. fear is temporary, regret is forever. Better rely on your life goals. People will leave without even a good bye, but The Almighty calls us with each good bye, learn the difference. BK This post is in collaboration with the amazing @talesofaheart . Go and check part 2 on her page. #avoicefromfaraway #artlixirfresh #writersofinstagram #globalagepoetry #theliteralscript #UntwineMeIndia #omypoetry #poetsofinstagram #poets #poetrycosmos #penguinpoetrynyc #pentupthoughts #poetrycosmos #poetsdaily #silverleafpoetry #writersconnection #bleedingsoulbuds #bymepoetryasia #bymepoetryindia #newschoolpoetry #writers #veinheartartisans #voicesofpoets #herheartsnew #heartofpoetsbloom #unionofpoets #abodeofpoets #poetryhive #poetry #poetrygram
Sixteen December 2014 Breaking news- 'the news from Pakistan is deeply shocking. It's horrifying that children's are being killed just for going to school. ' 'It started as a normal day, but turned into a massacre leaves 144 dead.' The coward devils , bearing weapons and grenades, moved straight towards the auditorium located at the centre of the Army Public School and opened fire indiscriminately on the children who were gathered there for First aid training on Sixteen of December When the books which used to be filled with blue ink writings were sinked in bloods. that demon's black boots was like death approaching in al alarming steps, door to floor they searched for those shining stars to broke them. Heart beated stronger than ever with their ties folded and pushed into their mouths so they wouldn't screem as their aims were not lame as they wanted to play games instead of laying their frames. The number of bullets on their bodies where more than their ages. They wanted the floors of joy and desires tales of love, but received only the roughness of sighs. Every day is a Sixteen December for their mothers still waiting when her child shows her marks instead of body marks on them. 'School to heaven' when students went directly to heavens instead of their homes They didn't took their life They let them live for ever They will glow forever We should lit candle of every bit of tear without any fear to their Graves He must be delusional if he thinks he can kill such dreams. He thinks he is a fierce enemy, who fights with children in the name of his so called religion. When you are in a garden, you choose the most unique and beautiful flowers.! The blood of such innocent souls has come to fruition making our nation the only across the world that had defeated such terrorists. Never again #SchoolToHeaven #APSMartyrs #NeverAgain #APSAttack
He hunted for sunrise But was sainted by their revolving dice, He searched for vivid clouds Received overflowing droplets, He had so much to say But no one was listening, He tried to have a last laugh while having a roar It seemed faking sour with no open door, He heard all shaming shity gossips with every room, He was like an incomplete puzzle Needing someone to complete the last piece , It was cold, he felt warm, the breeze felt wrong He couldn't feel anything and yet kept shivering, 'He wanted a leave to a world of peace with no misdeeds and free of fees, Where no body deceives so he could stop his every grieve with no such disease and initiate his own seed.' . . Tried writing something after recent incidents of Anam and roshan quiting. I don't thier stories. But what happened caused immense pain Please be careful with what you say. Your judgements can take someones life away.
What goes around always comes around. The way you treat others will be the way you’ll be treated by others. Because nothing is done single handedly . If you make others happy You’ll be happy but if you hurt others so you’ll be screwed up. Nobody deserves misery and suffering but sometimes it’s your turn. At the end you’ll end up broke and alone if you cross the limits and hurt them . Learn the difference between stretching and straightening, Karma is like a rubber band if you stretch it too much it will hit you hard disdanfully right on your face. Life has an amusing way of dealing with everyone. What comes around won't last long but will surely test you the same you presumed it and felt guilty. Remember the orphan guy you sidelined just because he was a failure in your mindset . He has to work over night to support his family. Most of us always think themselves as kind hearted but again that's the problem it’s a loss for those who don’t appreciate it & karma shows us true colors. 'let them hate, you believe in your own faith because it's never too late to have your own slate' . This post is in collaboration with @yworldofthoughts go visit her page and appreciate her. . . . Tags #avoicefromfaraway #artlixirfresh #writersofinstagram #globalagepoetry #theliteralscript #UntwineMeIndia #omypoetry #poetsofinstagram #poets #poetrycosmos #penguinpoetrynyc #pentupthoughts #poetrycosmos #poetsdaily #silverleafpoetry #writersconnection #bleedingsoulbuds #bymepoetryasia #bymepoetryindia #newschoolpoetry #writers #veinheartartisans #voicesofpoets #herheartsnew #heartofpoetsbloom #unionofpoets #abodeofpoets #poetryhive #poetry #poetrygram
Anymous 'Hate it maybe a four letters words for you guys only But for me this world was the one who ruined my dreams . IN JUNE 18' I started VLOGGING and eventually got hate everywhere but i didn't stop because it was just the start, so did vlogs continuesly but in September 18' i got hated in each and every platform whether it is my school , on street calling me "china ke @irfanjunejo kitney subs hogye" specially SOCIAL MEDIA comments and ON 24TH SEPTEMBER I made my last vlog, I have exactly 100 screenshots saying me to quit! . I become addicted to smoking to because of it. I guess they are happy now Now point of my writing is The society and if 'YOU' see some new talent don't hate him support him! MY DREAMS HAS BEEN RUINED BUT I DON'T WANT ANY OTHER ONE TO BE RUINED. THANK YOU💔🙌. (anymous) Care about what other people will think and you will always be their prisoner of their thoughts not your concepts, Always remember single roar of lion is enough to force the voice of a wheeping sheep, 'have a raging velocity ignoring all all the curiosity , you are now just tiny gleam hang on your dreams ' tongues will wag, why to give them jags Today it's their anticanption, Tomorrow it's your fascinatin, You have no idea how much positivity you ignore while focusing on the negativity. Society is really hypocrites. They wanted us to be among the leading ones but when we race quirky, they will judge us,mock us. And in case you base yourself of what people will think, you will never be yourself! Bak @quotations_stations Picture credits - same anymous_ open the door it may lead you places you never experienced.
BREAK FREE FROM GENDER STEREOTYPES *... ( reposting because a few lines were left out in previous post cuz of some error *apologizes*) Your feedback awaits with comments please.. . . This post is in collaboration with... @just.anillusion... Go visit her page please and appreciate her. . . . . #writer #writing #wordporn #words #wordworld #poetry #poets #poet #poetsofinstagram #poeticjustice #written #writeitout #livebywords #mypoetry #mywords   #iwrite #iwritepoetry #muhibawrites #wordsofencouragement #wordshurt #wordstoliveby #quotes #quotesaboutlife #quotestoliveby #myquotes #poemporn #cfc #lfl
Failure is the pillar of success. It’s not the opposite of success "When you tumble don't settle with it, Life is the art of fumbling your ever battle" Fears will accompany when they taunt, Making your every tears count. A sailing boat encircled by thorns can carry without fearing of its falling of its bails. You can't be wrappedBy any scraping whale "Success will always hug you in private, but failures always slaps you in public and that's life" . The truth is we are all struggling But don’t let any your past obstacles shifting. Is failure worth it if you haven't learnt from it? Make sure to take a self inventory on your past and grasp every bit from it then see what you learnt from the failures in your life so they successfully influence your future.....@quotations_stations It’s not the opposite of success, it’s the part of success.The child takes a first step forward but then on the second one he falls and stumbles. But that does not mean that the child will never learn to walk.Rather this stumbling ensures that soon he will learn not only to walk but run also. Failure is the opportunity to begin again.It provides you with the second chance . It’s the stepping stone to success. Keep on trying.Never give up because after failing we learn so many things. We learn how to get up again. @yworldofthoughts This post is in collaboration with @yworldofthoughts Go visit her page please and appreciate her.
You are ultimately the boss of your own life, But constantly acting like it will cause your own loss, when people don't seek from your ambitions. Making your achieved goals sound like arrogance. BK. Original content Hope for your feedback #shortcaption ❤️ #writer #writing #wordporn #words #wordworld #poetry #poets #poet #poetsofinstagram #poeticjustice #written #writeitout #livebywords #mypoetry #mywords   #iwrite #iwritepoetry #wordsofencouragement #wordshurt #wordstoliveby #quotes #quotesaboutlife #quotestoliveby #myquotes
Lessons of life × 'I want to fly high Why I feel so shy' In this anormous, bustle,despondent world I have lost my self somewhere... I always want to cackle This Rudy world shut my cackling For it's shivering rules... But onwards i have taught my self 'Stop being attorney proving my self perfect For this imperfect world...' 'If you want to be happy Always be daughty...' Stop following your self with the world, 'Start allowing yourself to create your world. Because.If you follow you'll be deserted But.... If you allow you'll be fantastic' Mind it!... This shining and glimiring wolrd want to make you part of it but never neglect the shining sun u have in your self..... '' You may have to see failure But they are just to make you superior... '' It is better to obey your self then obeying this dramatic world ! '' Fly high Never be shy''! @khan.omamah Not Always necessary for the stars to meet moon. ' Glamor needs the sparkle which ignites the darker to set your own crowned marker.' ' Let the jamming breeze flow Blow your own banging glow' 'Negativity will be in search of you... Setting your bails launching Before you sharpwn your own nails' It is really painful to survive If Despairing surrounds you While not opting for your repair 'Negativity will surround your every activity It becomes worse when exhausted with your past experiences, imaginations and blocking deceptions...' If you fail to control your emotions Fears and tears follow you Remember, ''You don't make yourself look better by dimming someone else scene, Never compare your inner gleam to someone else dream.'' bk @quotations_stations Hoping for your feedback...
“Since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time to be real to our women, try to heal our women, Because if we dont we'll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, who make the babies. And since a man can't make one he has no right to tell a women when and where to create one” @dee_en_sea You blame women for all mounting Some now step for their rights going against nature Routing for equality after tasting all the bad and lusty outer world's Faults and barking taunts facing all the consequences. Because....! Long before our beloved mothers were young Women's freedom was just a lyrical song not yet sung.! They said womens addiction was slavering their early houses, Opposing their hidden fictions. Silent is women's loudest cry, usually they cry because of all the built up and emotions they carry. They are one who Slay in every way, Thus they don't get to pay, You can decorate a garden of their physical features and pictures.. Then why can't you manipulate women rights lectures... Justice bleeds them, please note They have the deserved right to vote.! :'( @quotations_stations Collaboration with @dee_en_sea
Her shining face show her innocence, Their glittering eyes display many dreams, You one eyed evil play with many dolls of their fathers, reflections of their mothers, You demon your every section will questioned will rest in ashes !!!!! Ashes!! Yes! those flaming Ashes From which you blamed their tanning bodies to shaming! You turn their happy naughty scenes and big dreams Into horrifying screams You leave them floating Between bereavement , cautious pain and death If they survive They won't be raped into petals of flowers, instead the roots that never glows., Dreams shattered Feeling battered They will suffer by naming you duffer Slaughtering animals on festivals better to slaughter them instead. You are doing 'ZINA' (Islamic law full word) The punishment for zina is a hundred lashes followed by stoning to death in public. In the city of lights we search for a change but if our own inner societies are being harmed by such bites? A reality where our mothers, sister and daughters have become endangered species 💔 @hibaamir12 Let's Promise To Ourselves That We Won't Tolerate These Kind Of Things Now... It's NOW OR NEVER ..!!! ..why a girl is not safe in this so called... #AZAAADPAKISTAN ..? Why we girls cannot go out without a bodyguard .. A bodyguard in the face of brothers to save our bodies!!! .. why can't we the one we live on hopes Isn't is shameles!!!! We just want to know how much more time is left ... where is the Justice... For how long we are going to tolerate these hurrying breathing taking brutal activities Why being worried about these TOXIC PEOPLE??.. these toxic people who have low mentalities... They have nothing to do with you and your life !... Support....! .It's the right time for us to get unite and take some action . Why we have to live such a life where there's no freedom(Azaadi!!!! ) ? #Webelieve that we are still not independent ! UNTIL AND UNLESS we get free from these sick in humans.. they should be killed in front of us. So that no other person could get courage to attempt such brutal crimes ! Vedio credits special thanks @dee_en_sea By @quotations_stations And @hibaamir12 thank a lot 😊
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