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“Since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time to be real to our women, try to heal our women, Because if we dont we'll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, who make the babies. And since a man can't make one he has no right to tell a women when and where to create one” @dee_en_sea You blame women for all mounting Some now step for their rights going against nature Routing for equality after tasting all the bad and lusty outer world's Faults and barking taunts facing all the consequences. Because....! Long before our beloved mothers were young Women's freedom was just a lyrical song not yet sung.! They said womens addiction was slavering their early houses, Opposing their hidden fictions. Silent is women's loudest cry, usually they cry because of all the built up and emotions they carry. They are one who Slay in every way, Thus they don't get to pay, You can decorate a garden of their physical features and pictures.. Then why can't you manipulate women rights lectures... Justice bleeds them, please note They have the deserved right to vote.! :'( @quotations_stations Collaboration with @dee_en_sea
Her shining face show her innocence, Their glittering eyes display many dreams, You one eyed evil play with many dolls of their fathers, reflections of their mothers, You demon your every section will questioned will rest in ashes !!!!! Ashes!! Yes! those flaming Ashes From which you blamed their tanning bodies to shaming! You turn their happy naughty scenes and big dreams Into horrifying screams You leave them floating Between bereavement , cautious pain and death If they survive They won't be raped into petals of flowers, instead the roots that never glows., Dreams shattered Feeling battered They will suffer by naming you duffer Slaughtering animals on festivals better to slaughter them instead. You are doing 'ZINA' (Islamic law full word) The punishment for zina is a hundred lashes followed by stoning to death in public. In the city of lights we search for a change but if our own inner societies are being harmed by such bites? A reality where our mothers, sister and daughters have become endangered species 💔 @hibaamir12 Let's Promise To Ourselves That We Won't Tolerate These Kind Of Things Now... It's NOW OR NEVER ..!!! ..why a girl is not safe in this so called... #AZAAADPAKISTAN ..? Why we girls cannot go out without a bodyguard .. A bodyguard in the face of brothers to save our bodies!!! .. why can't we the one we live on hopes Isn't is shameles!!!! We just want to know how much more time is left ... where is the Justice... For how long we are going to tolerate these hurrying breathing taking brutal activities Why being worried about these TOXIC PEOPLE??.. these toxic people who have low mentalities... They have nothing to do with you and your life !... Support....! .It's the right time for us to get unite and take some action . Why we have to live such a life where there's no freedom(Azaadi!!!! ) ? #Webelieve that we are still not independent ! UNTIL AND UNLESS we get free from these sick in humans.. they should be killed in front of us. So that no other person could get courage to attempt such brutal crimes ! Vedio credits special thanks @dee_en_sea By @quotations_stations And @hibaamir12 thank a lot 😊
Today our hearts are beating faster There's excitement everywhere Our nation Our day Our freedom We owe it We we dreamed for it We feel in the ocean wind and dust that is so dry We feel in our broken moons Every spoon make to another stars My love is for Pakistan I will rejoice in its every glory We hear it Scare it Screem for it In every breezing winds In every blinking eyes Celebrate it by decorating your every street Greet it with every beat Accomplish the dreams you read in your history books Our duty is to wipe out ever tear out of it! Today our hearts Beating faster 💔than ever There is excitement everywhere Tonight! We unite the green and white And Saltue the glittering moon and shining stars ♥️ I AM A CHILD FROM PAKISTAN WHERE EVERY I MAY ROAM 💚 PAKISTAN THIS IS OUR TONIGHT WE OWE THIS CELEBRATION THIS FREEDOM MY BELOVED COUNTRY. I BLEED IN GREEN. IT'S MY COUNTRY MY PAKISTAN PAKISTAN ZINDABAD🇵🇰 #pakistaniwriters
At departure time those crossed and pale eyes had poetry that I haven't shared with anyone, misconceptions only leads to misjunctions that never function in our hearts well we still breath with that air that never seems fresh and flows to our hearts. ..Bk. YOUR FEEDBACK AWAITS WITH YOUR COMMENTS 💥 Original content. TAG if repost #writer #writing #wordporn #words #wordworld #poetry #poets #poet #poetsofinstagram #poeticjustice #written #writeitout #livebywords #mypoetry #mywords   #iwrite #wordsofencouragement #wordshurt #wordstoliveby #quotes #quotesaboutlife #quotestoliveby #myquotes #pakwriterscommunity #pakistanIwriters
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Truely happy people are too busy and active to care less if everyone sees their fabulous life on social networks. Some will argue that platforms such as Facebook and Instagram has ruined their personal connections. Some post and move on. A life event is no longer shared in a personal embrace. Life has become from ten seconds stories, snaps and short microblogs. ~ The value of a person is now determined by the lowest terms these days. Social media preferences, friend cycles, typical photo shots and dubbing of voices for such fame which is dependent on the number of likes, impressions, comments gained and some fake followers ! 'Running behind what the trend says ruining your blend '! Its not always the internet to blame sometimes its what's in your mind. Dual personalities, uncountable faces and the list still expands on. !Typing your mind out of stories will bring the viewers to observe... PEACE OUT X! :) ...... Write up by @b4bilalkhan #writing #quotes #instagood #sayings #writers #feedback #comments #captions #pakwriterscommunity #trending #lfl #cfc #f4f #peace #quotation #instagood #instamood #article #feedback
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