•16• UHS’20🎓. @highoffthadoll |SINGER|🎙🎶 |DANCER|💃🏾 •BⓂ️E♿️• LLM🌀🕊|LLD🖤🙏🏾

Last post of 2018✌🏾🥰comment for me
Feisty one🔥, but she cold tho❄️🥶
Y’all said I should post it so I did😍show me some love
I almost cried making this bro. She really growing up😪. This girl is my heart🖤in human form and I would go to war for this one (her bday coming up it’s in December but I just felt like making her one)🥰I would make one for alaura but she don’t like taking pictures and videos with me.
Cold at it🥶😍
Just want some notifications that’s all💙
“The Real Mocha Princess” 🍫👸🏾💋