"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." - Dumbledore ~ CMA (AAMA). 6/23/12💕 Anchorage, AK 🌻 #BODSQUAD

My little guard dog at her post. #favoritespot
😍😍 @perkupespresso
For anyone interested that is NOT following my weight loss journey, I didn’t just post some new updates photos last night! The changes are minimal, but they are there! If you’re interested in following my adventure, you can see my progress @diaryofachubbyprincess 💕
Traded in my car, even though I loved her dearly, for something a little more practical for Alaska. 2015 Buick Encore. Only 14100 miles on her! Whaaaat?! I’m pretty excited.
Had a much needed night out on Friday with my favorite gals! Dancing and singing and having a great time! We HAVE TO do that again!!
Selfie Sunday.
After a long walk, they like to cuddle. #GryffinAndRaven #HuskeyMix #FurBabies Photo cred to @leticia_lopez
Co-leashing. All the cool dogs are doing it. Gryff is trying to teach his little sis how to walk on a leash. Not to bad for their first time. #GryffinAndRaven #HuskeyMix
When all my babies decide to nap together. 😍
Have I mentioned how much I love my work fam?
As some of you may, or may not know, I am on a journey to start living my best life. That starts with getting myself in shape. I feel like part of keeping myself accountable is documenting my progress. I understand that not everyone cares to see that, so I’ve decided to create my own “fitness instagram” dedicated solely to this journey. If you’re interested in being a part of it, please feel free to give me a follow! @diaryofachubbyprincess
Princess Raven. #1yearold #huskyshepherd
Happy first birthday to my sweet girl! #HBD #Raven #huskyshepherd
Meal prep day 1. It’s not much, but you gotta start somewhere, right?
I’m ready for ya, 2018.
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