Marie-Estefania Núñez

Disciple of the Beautiful. This is life, turn your face to the blinding sun ☀️

"I thought I would swim out until I was too tired to swim back. As I paddled on, my heartbeat boomed like a dull motor in my ears. I am I am I am." -Sylvia Plath 🌊 . . . . Pc: @lil_miss_random32
Haven't seen a crowd go that wild. They knew every single word. What a night. The honesty and sensuality of @sabrinaclaudio are quite incomparable. We also met @thisis.sol who is absolutely amazing on the guitar, so sweet and such a fun spirit. It was so good to see people that really were filled with just such a genuine and positive energy.
Last night, I was Zorro. And @jennifergreen__ was my beautiful Elena ☺️😉 #everydayishalloween #baltimoreparkway #halloweenweek
Pc: @urmieee 📸
'Tis was a lovely Halloween ❤️
Happy 20's, sweetie! Finally your age is starting to fit your great mental maturity. I'm very proud of you, and so proud to have been your friend these years, see your growth and incredible strength. To many more beautiful times 🥂
Needless to say, @donnamissal was amazing last night. Great to have you in Baltimore, girl! @sirsly however, was also incredible. A great night for music discovery. Go listen to them all and make your night a bit more magical, just like that.
I did this thing 🔬
Your favorite knight in shining armor ⚔️ Swipe right to see my battle partners, belly dancing, and the best bagpipe performance I've ever seen. And the incredible wheel walker.
Had an incredible time last night with @jennifergreen__ at the #metrosexual show. This girl you see on our right was one of my favorite queens of the night, @bombalicious.eklaver . Girl, you're amazing.
A gorgeous night with gorgeous people 🍸
Basically I had the time of my life. There's so much I didn't get to have on camera: the otherworldly incantations by @mediaevalbaebes , the resounding power of @cudubhmusic , belly dancing, dragon paintings, handcrafted swords, a man running on a wheel through the air... but oh well. It was incredible. Can't wait to come back in a couple of weeks in full medieval dress.
Florence really came through yesterday. What a gorgeous day. First match of the season was so fun! Love this team and the girls' endless motivation. I think we're also all just incredibly grateful to have @prjely91 as our coach now 🏉
Thank you @donnamissal @annashoemaker_ and @roughtradenyc for the unforgettable night. It is rare to see such soulful and emotional singing on stage. But also, one thing is certain, we saw incredible talent on that stage last night. Thank you for the magic. #donnamissal #donnamissalmusic #jupiter #annashoemaker #annashoemakermusic #liquorstore #roughtradenyc
Thank you @fantasticnegrito and @wtmdradio for an incredible night. Swipe right to see some of the magic! And some of my favorite people 💃🏻
The Earth has music for those who listen! Coney Island was fun but I'm happy to be back with my baby 🌞 - Pc: @bcphotography1041
Happy Labor Day weekend! ❤️ - Pc: @bcphotography1041
You know what day it is! Are you happy it's the weekend? I am. Here's some rows and deads. It's nowhere near my PR. The year also just started, summer's over and I'm gonna to be here as much as it takes. These aren't big numbers. But big numbers are built over years. But this is my journey.I'm willing to come in year after year and keep working. Are you?
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