Marie-Estefania NΓΊΓ±ez

Laurels I lay, lilies, Aphrodite. In the joy of life I laugh, delicate me 🌷

Metamorphosis of Sense (Asleep) [acrylic] - The first in a series that I am very excited about starting. Stay tuned πŸ‰
Rust [acrylic]
"Vajrayana, or esoteric Buddhism, uses gender and sexual union to communicate the merging of compassion (male) and wisdom (female) that results in awakening. Here, the wrathful male Buddha Hevajra and his female partner Nairatmya stand in ecstatic embrace. With hair painted the fiery orange of wrathful deities, Hevajra’s eight heads look in all directions. His sixteen hands hold skull cups containing animals (in his eight right hands) and deities representing worldly elements (in his eight left hands): earth, water, air, fire, the moon, the sun, and the gods of death and wealth." - Pc: @ayeshac_7 πŸ“Έ
"Love this dumb bitch more than I should" πŸ‘― Under the sea 🐠 with some of our favorite performers from last night's Throwback Thursday at @grandcentralbaltimore Thank you for putting on such an incredible show, ladies.
Sneaking in some songs here and there. This is Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez.
Two Cherokee chiefs came together to settle a dispute. They talked for seven nights and seven days. Exhausted after all the talks without resolution, they decided to smoke the peace pot. This pot, of course, was only meant to be smoked when an agreement had been reached. In order to punish them, the Great Spirit covered the mountains in smoke, so that humans could no longer see them. So we were told. There are many stories like this, of course.
Saturdays are for the boys πŸ”
All smiles with these beauties πŸ’›
Looks like I found my Christmas spirit πŸ’›
Love them both sm πŸ’›
New Orleans made me believe in magic for a little while ✨
Grateful for a few things πŸ’˜ My family and friends are one. All the wonderful things that we get to experience in life, even if things don't go as initially planned. Those moments in which we really follow our hearts and nothing else, fully and completely. Lastly, I am grateful Miss Cruz from Puerto Rico. She was a woman who I knew and cared for while volunteering at a residence home while at college for the past three years and who taught me so much, showed everyone kindness and compassion, and meant so much to me. Although your time had come, I hope that you knew that you were sincerely loved. I hope that the place you are now is wonderful, and that you can still feel me holding your hand. I dedicate this song to you.
Cheers to my favorite cat. Honest to god don't know what I would do without her 🐈🐈
"I thought I would swim out until I was too tired to swim back. As I paddled on, my heartbeat boomed like a dull motor in my ears. I am I am I am." -Sylvia Plath 🌊 . . . . Pc: @lil_miss_random32
Haven't seen a crowd go that wild. They knew every single word. What a night. The honesty and sensuality of @sabrinaclaudio are quite incomparable. We also met @thisis.sol who is absolutely amazing on the guitar, so sweet and such a fun spirit. It was so good to see people that really were filled with just such a genuine and positive energy.
Last night, I was Zorro. And @jennifergreen__ was my beautiful Elena β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰ #everydayishalloween #baltimoreparkway #halloweenweek
Pc: @urmieee πŸ“Έ
'Tis was a lovely Halloween ❀️
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