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Back to reality 🌲🌲🌲 :)
Following @tianaohara ’s footsteps and learned some of Poke Bowl by @theradiantchildren (i am obsessed pls get their new ep) 🍣I’ve been really into playing bass lately, it makes me want to dance. Trying to learn to sing at the same time for next level ~fun~ What records taught you how to *bass* ?
Many thank you’s to #kaaboodelmar & to everybody who made this weekend possible 🌊🌊🌊 Snaps by @pamelacoronado_ 📸
🎂 nobody likes you when you’re
I snuck avocados into this festival like if u cri evertim 🌞🌸🌈 #gobulls
golden hour 🕊
My first reharm 🧜🏼‍♀️🎶 No idea how to even properly do one, but I’ve heard that the best way to learn how to do something is to do it, so here you have it. Spring is here and we’re growin’ baby.
Ten points if you can find my name 😜🌴 See you in September, SD!!! #KAABOO #kaaboodelmar 🏄🏽‍♂️🎶 (use code: RAELEE for $20 off the 3 day pass!!)
I was lucky enough to grow up the only girl amongst three brothers and with that the belief that I was their equal. We held wrestling tournaments in our living room and my alter ego, Raelis, was the reigning champion until they all hit puberty. I played shortstop on our little league baseball teams and would throw suckers out with style and grace. Okay, probably not with grace. Anyway, I remember the year we were supposed to move up to Minor-A which had live pitching, and one boy told me that if I played that year, he was going to purposely peg me every time I went up to bat, because baseball wasn’t for girls. That was the end of my baseball career haha. My place in music is a lot easier to defend thanks to the badass women who have gone before me and made it impossible to ignore our talents as musicians, instrumentalists, songwriters, producers, engineers, sound techs, managers, agents, executives, etc. I am so inspired by all the incredible females I see everyday killing it on stages, in sessions, and on this platform, and proud to represent the female energy of the music industry with them. It is our responsibility to make sure that our sisters, daughters, cousins, and nieces know that they don’t have to be an unemotional “tomboy” to shred an electric or to do anything that may be perceived as a “boys club.” And a huge shout out to all the men in this music community who recognize that, honor that, and stand up for that. Because men don’t need to join boys clubs. I can’t wait to see even more progression in this industry and in other industries as well. It’s been amazing to see my generation shift so many paradigms and even more so to feel the effects of them in my own community. Happy #internationalwomensday to us all 💞
Having one of those existential afternoons where I remember I’m currently experiencing my “good ol days” right now so here is a selfie I tried too hard to make artsy & a piece of something I wrote yesterday to express that. lol happy friday you sweethearts. 🌷
Thanks everybody for all of your get well wishes for Bentley 🐶 we found out he has diabetus lol but it’s not uncommon and isn’t really too tough to manage. Feel free to leave some tips if you’ve been through the same thing! I’m happy my doggo is home and back to his goofy self. #goodboisofinstagram
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