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I’m gonna keep going strong no matter what hardships come at me 💪🏻 #rainaiscrazy ❣️One Woman Army❣️ @crazyrainamerch 👈🏻👀 👇🏻Check out my latest video🌟

❣️NEW VIDEO LINK IN BIO❣️ I’m doing another #battleraina @chickenwarriorsla where I face off a team of three people to finish off 10lbs of chicken wings first 😱🐙😱🐙 what do you think will happen 🌚🌚🌚 #rainaiscrazy
Totally forgot to post this one cuz @nadiawhiteofficial we’re too busy being fatasses and getting Popeyes after this challenge @konasdeli 😅😅😅😅 but shoutout to @anaya805 for coming out to meet us as well as taking on the challenge with us❣️❣️❣️ super fun time meeting yah :) if you’re in SLO try this challenge - it’s pretty easy - basically two foot longs in 17 minutes 😍 @nadiawhiteofficial and I both beat the record time! #rainaiscrazy
NEW VIDEO UP ❣️ I went to @simmerhuangla to try out traditional Chinese cuisine from Beijing 😍 thank you @foodiejudge for setting this up 😍❣️🐙 #rainaiscrazy
Finished the day with the 3lb burger challenge @fuddruckers celebrating national cheeseburger day 😍 took nala to the restaurant to see how it’ll go with her doing a challenge for ANOTHER tour I’m doing that she’s coming along with 😇😇😇 she was so well behaved I tied her to a chair and she just sat there nicely while I did all my camera stuff 😍😍😍🐙 FIGHT ME @ethanteske #rainaiscrazy
What better way to end our trip than with the Bacon Wrapped Anaconda @mariscoslarancherita with @nadiawhiteofficial 😍😍😍🐙 thank you @satori_blake and @jasonorrcamera68 for coming out and getting us a segment @ksbynews 😍😍😍 #femalerandyandmitch tour success❣️ #rainaiscrazy also thank you for taking pics @satori_blake 💕 #rainaiscrazy #eat #eating #eatingsounds #asmr #asmreating #mukbangasmr #foodie #foodiegram #foodiesofinstagram #lafoodie #lafood #lafoodjunkie #foodie_features #foodchallenge #eatingchallenge #abcnews #abc7 #abc7la #HUNGRYYETT
Thank you @jasonorrcamera68 for coming out today to get us a segment @ksbynews 😍😍😍🐙 I had so much fun on my tour and this was an amazing way to end it!! @nadiawhiteofficial absolutely dominated today❣️ #rainaiscrazy thank you @mariscoslarancherita for giving us the burritos ❣️
Dedicated to @nadiawhiteofficial I’m a banana 🍌🐙 #rainaiscrazy
❣️NEW VIDEO LINK IN BIO❣️ another #battleraina event @bellybombz we faced off to see who can finish 5 sliders and a pound of pork belly fries first❣️❣️ check out the vid to see who won! #rainaiscrazy thank you @taraneckel @topfoodiefaves @jimmyfoodtron @foodiejudge @louiss10 for all participating😍
@ribline is the coolest place to hang out in SLO 😍😍😍 had to take @nadiawhiteofficial here on our tour together ❣️ #femalerandyandmitch 🤣
My madness continues back home in LA @littlemexicochiquito where they set up a MENUDO challenge for me❣️❣️❣️ if I finish in 15 minutes I’ll get $100 but if I finish in 10.... I’ll get $150!!! 😱😱😱 those who come to the event will get two free carne asada tacos 🌮❣️ come check it out 😍😍😍🐙 #rainaiscrazy
Look at this monstrosity I created @ribline 😱😱😱 Raina’a Pork pile challenge consists of a whole pan of cornbread 3lbs of Bbq pulled pork and 2 pints of coleslaw... sorry for making you go thru this @nadiawhiteofficial 🤣🤣🤣🤣🐙 #rainaiscrazy
Day 5 of our #femalerandyandmitch tour in San Luis Obispo- we went to take on the 5lb burger challenge @sylvestersburgers in Los Osos 😱 how do you think we did!? #rainaiscrazy 🐙
❣️NEW VIDEO LINK IN BIO❣️ I head on over to @cookstortas to try out 6lbs of TORTA 😱😱😱 #rainaiscrazy thank you @goldlinela for setting this up!
Just another day of shoving food into my mouth 🤣🤣🤣 thank you @thedoggydoor for hosting such a fun hot dog eating contest for @nadiawhiteofficial and I 😍😍😍 #rainaiscrazy #femalerandyandmitch thank you @bolshoifamilywines for coming to do this with us❣️❣️❣️
What a fun night it was to be educated with @tomsburgers_ A-Z burger where we had one of every burger of the menu!!! 😍😍😍 fun fact- I never had sour kraut and I never will again 🤢🤢🤢🤢 #rainaiscrazy thank you @stilettoanna for setting this up and hooking us up @chumashcasino we had so much fun in solvang❣️❣️❣️❣️ #femalerandyandmitch
@nadiawhiteofficial and I are traveling to San Luis Obispo tommorrow night!!! We’re gonna be @ribline on broad st taking down a brand new challenge involving an ENTIRE corn bread loaf - 3lbs of pulled pork and 2 pints of coleslaw😱😱😱 come stop by if you’re in the area❣️ #femalerandyandmitch #rainaiscrazy
I’m @danishdays in @cityofsolvang and trying Æbelskivers for the first time for an eating contest with @nadiawhiteofficial ❣️ they taste like pancake balls but when I first saw them I thought it was takoyaki😅😅😅 now I want some takoyaki....🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙 #rainaiscrazy femalerandyandmitch
❣️NEW VIDEO LINK IN BIO❣️ I went to @papillonbakery with @nolimit.boss to see how many lahmajouns I can eat 😱 watch the video to find out how you can win $500!? #rainaiscrazy
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