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Going down tommorrow!! @freakeating and I tackle a 25 piece tailgate box from @raisingcanes ❤️❤️ come watch!! #rainaiscrazy
Who wants sliders? 🤣🤣🤣 amazing tasting sliders today @sliderstop with @freakeating thank you those who tuned into livestream!! #rainaiscrazy
‼️ NEW VIDEO LINK IN BIO ‼️ thank you @misoo_hungry for setting this up... a MUKBANG video @eightkoreanbbq in buena Park!! You gotta try this place the pork belly flavors are amazing 🤤🤤🤤 📷 @jariusef 🎥 @lucki_aki 🤩 #rainaiscrazy
How fast you think I can eat these two pizzas lol #rainaiscrazy @happy_slice_pizza
It’s a hot day today.... my hair all frizzy cuz I’m sweating 😖 #rainaiscrazy
‼️NEW VIDEO LINK IN BIO‼️ INSANE 3-feet burrito arranged by @hungryempire and @josesmexicanfood !! Nearly 9lbs worth of goodies ... watch me and @freakeating each destroy one!! #rainaiscrazy
Went to @official_sushiholics today to try a 100 piece sushi challenge... shoutout to Daniel who was one of the best servers I ever had— the food is amazing... at first 😉 until you get overloaded with carbs BAHAHHAHA video will be out in August! Thank you those who tuned into livestream! AYCE sushi join in West Covina! Come check this place out ❤️ #rainaiscrazy
I be missing u tho it ain’t fair #rainaiscrazy
Come hang out with @freakeating and me this Sunday July 22 @11 :30AM as we face off in an eating contest who can eat 20 of @sliderstop sliders first and after wards we will be joined in by @maineventpong to try @blazinhens hottest chicken ever!!! #rainaiscrazy
Morning 😘 turtleneck it’s actually cold today lol #rainaiscrazy
‼️ NEW FOOD CHALLENGE SPOTTED ‼️ @woodsilverlake in LOS ANGELES! 6lbs of PIZZA the titanic boat pizza challenge !! Filled with LOTS of cheese and ten eggs!!! Finish within 20 minutes and get it for free+hall of fame+ $50 gift card to all of their amazing food!!! Extremely clean and beautiful place to dine out- shoutout to Eric; the owner, super nice and friendly! #rainaiscrazy
‼️NEW VIDEO LINK IM BIO ‼️ ITS HERE BOYS — first challenge done with @randysantel in SPAINNN 🇪🇸 ‼️ big thanks to @joeburgerchallenge as usual for setting everything up!! #rainaiscrazy ... in ESPANA😎
LOL I’m like SUPER glammed out thanks to the makeup applied by @o0lei_lei0o today for @yslbeauty makeup modeling ANYWAY... I’m here at @cookiegoodla to ruin my makeup by stuffing my face with their NEW 6lb COOKIE CAKE challenge—- one s’mores flavored cookie on top and one red velvet flavor cookie on bottom... in between is a TON of their edible cookie dough - birthday cake flavor— they don’t use eggs so NO Salmonella poisoning and they pre cook the dough 👩‍🍳... they are amazing people here with AMAZING cookies- they switch out their flavors all the time to keep it fresh! If you’re in Santa Monica come check them out!!! Just be careful of parking because I actually ended up getting a parking ticket today for not being careful 🙃🙃🙃 lmao #rainaiscrazy video will be out on August 😋
‼️NEW VIDEO LINK IN BIO‼️ @freakeating and I take on @mynypizza 28” MONSTER PIZZA CHALLENGE. . . SOLOOOOOO!! Think we can do it? Watch the vid and find out!! #rainaiscrazy also thank you @tanovillar for the no lift no pizza shirt in this vid!
Having so much fun to get paid for someone drawing on my face, amazing makeup 💄 appliance from @o0lei_lei0o ... @lorealmakeup @yslbeauty makeup training and I get to take home goodies ❤️❤️ thank you @thetsmagency for setting this up... now I get to ruin my lipstick makeup @cookiegoodla for a cookie challenge LOL 🍪 #rainaiscrazy stay tuned 😙😙😏😏
‼️**GIVEAWAY ALERT**‼️ 💲2️⃣5️⃣ gift certificate vouchers will give given away to 3 lucky winners to @round3pho along with raina stickers and signed prints!! To enter — TAG 3 friends and make sure to follow both me AND @round3pho !! Winners will be announced tonight @8PM . . . . I was challenged to @round3pho ‘s 3 ROUNDS of food vs raina... final boss is their actual challenge which is 2lbs of noodles and 2lbs of meat along with broth to be consumed... BUT that’s after having all the other dishes you see on the table already... do you think I was able to do it??? Video will be out on August 10! #rainaiscrazy UPDATE— winners: @wenwenc0724 @piazzachan @og91pixel
NEW VIDEO LINK IN BIO ••• WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE TRY THE SPICIEST TACO EVER @genkiyaki_riverside !?!? Tune into this video and check out @maineventpong and @freakeating videos as well!! This was absolute hell 😅😅 #rainaiscrazy
*** GIVEAWAY ALERT*** follow me and @bobalife TAG 3 friends - and get discount cards to amazing places like @bonappetea_cafe for delicious popcorn chicken and other boba snacks! I’ll mail you cards for you AND all your friends plus also raina stickers and prints ❤️❤️ #rainaiscrazy valid in over 40 locations winners will be chosen tonight @8pm WINNER: @witchyteena
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