Kelsey & Milah🌻

Sydney | Adventures of Milah. Lover of handmade. 🌿 •we love to collaborate• kelseyboot@hotmail.com ✉️ See highlights for discount codes. ✨Jake Lewis 💗

I would love to win these for milah 😍 they are amazing. @zobo.the.label #zoboswim
Milah is in bed and I’m currently enjoying the sound of the rain and choosing something to watch on Netflix. ❤️ How is your Wednesday night?
I’m really loving Milah’s age at the moment, some of the things she comes up are just too funny, so much sass. Today I was talking to my mum on the phone on my way to dropping Milah off to daycare and all I can hear in the background, “mummy are you listening?! Are you listening to me mummy”🙊 What are some crazy/funny things your kids have said?
Milah and I had such a lovely day today, just the two of us. 💗
Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, we had a busy but wet one. Can’t wait for some sun and actually enjoy spring. 💙
We got to catch up with this cutie today, it has been way too long. The girls really missed each other. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up and stay dry so we can catch up more often. Can’t wait to show you the photos from today’s shoot. 🌸 Milah & Hallie from @tegiozz.plus.two
Missing my monkey tonight 😔
He loves me, he loves me not. 🌸 | Im thinking of getting Milah a doll clothing rack for Christmas as she has a beautiful collection of doll clothes and nothing to hang it on, does anyone make and sell these including coat hangers?
Hi Ange. We would really love to join your new team. Milah is 2.5 and wears a size 3 mostly (sometimes still a 2) we are from Western Sydney. ❤️ @indiaandgrace Goodluck with your search, our fingers & toes are crossed. #indiaandgracess18br
This dress is just so pretty, it even has hidden pockets for their little hands and the treasures they find. ✨
Relaxing by the tree. 🙊 Happy Saturday everyone 💗
OUTFIT OF THE DAY ✨ Okay so I’m super unorganised and I have no idea what to get Milah for Xmas this year, please throw some ideas at me, clothing, toys, decor anything 🙊
What a miserable morning already. So much rain 😫 What is everyone up to?
A little bit of magic for your Wednesday night. ✨ This super cute pinafore is from the very clever @auntie_rene , check out my story to see what’s on the front of this piece 😍 Make sure you head over and give her some love, and if you would like to order something, use code “10milah” for a discount. P.s. this yellow bow from @dearchantilly is just a perfect match. 💛
How perfectly does this @rococlothing dress match her @avaniandco_au bow 🙌🏻😍. Her shoes are also from @rococlothing & are genuine leather 💗
How CUTE is this outfit 😍💗 I love pink on Milah so much and the floral is to die for, it even has a matching bow 🙌🏻 Make sure you check out @twinklestardesigns , her items are amazing. 🌸
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