Randy Berry

Daddy · Athlete · Entertainer · Performer · Rocker · Lounge Aficionado Owned by a ferociously bootyful lioness. 📩DM for Bookings & Sponsorship📩

Any Rockers in the house? Comment your favorite band(s) below. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
Heavy eyelids. Heavier thoughts. Thoughts of you. You, as in a dozen donuts. 🍩😜
I got 99 problems but a beard ain't one.
Sweatin' dem 🍩🍩 off.
Saturdaying. ☕👌
It's that time of year again. Burrrr....
Mean muggin' scruff thuggin'
Door shut. Music turned up. Relaxed mind, body and soul. This is the face of isolation.
Whether it's a solid or mediocre workout, stimulation is stimulation. She does the body gooood. Get'chu some!
He looked at the half empty bottle and saw himself.
Gym grind. It isn't always fun, but the benefits make it all worthwhile. Physically and mentally. Just....do it. ✔
From the "Vin Diesel Double" page on Facebook. The dude on the right is much younger and has cooler shades. Just sayin'. 😎
Unzipped mind · Unzipped attitude · Unzipped lifestyle
It's been 18 years since the 4 of us have been together. So much has changed, yet, everything is still the same.
They told me not to play with fire or I might get burned. Little did they know, I was the flame. 🔥🔥😈🔥🔥 · Credit: @cmarsolais78 Check his page out for more cool art!
Here's another great shot of my protégé "The Immaculate" Ray St-Jean and I in the media, this time captured by the Seaway News. A big thanks to them as well for covering Seaway Valley Wrestling's first press conference. · Read article here: (copy and paste) https://www.cornwallseawaynews.com/sports/2018/8/30/seaway-valley-wrestling-first-show-coming-oct--20.html
Just a savage chimp looking out for her Daddy. Wanna try her? 💪🙉
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