Ranger by trade, explorer by choice.

My vacation is over and I’m back to work. I’m not complaining tho because today Lefty, a 3 year old loggerhead, was released back into the ocean. Always a proud moment when I can represent the Service and the partnership work we do. Everyone’s efforts make success stories like these possible.
New Orleans, you are one of a kind. Au revoir 😘
Southern live oaks are my favorite trees in this region.
Waking up early for runs pays off.
I would have broken my 10K PR today but got distracted a few times picking up beach litter. Dear humans, we can do better!
Oysters, shrimp, snappers and more! The salt marsh may not look like much but there is an entire ecosystem out there.
Sunday mornings are my favorite. Even the city is slow to wake.
Janelle Monáe !!! Not enough ❤️😍 can express what I felt tonight.
Vans Warped Tour. Conservation starts here 🤘🏼
Six-mile Sunday done! Treated myself to a celebratory loaded veggie breakfast and even made fresh OJ 🙌🏼 I may not be the fastest or strongest but I’m consistent 😉
The other side of being a ranger. SO to my pen pal @amieschiller for keeping my spirits going 😃❤️
It has been a circus of a week at work. Even today on my last work day before my weekend starts, this Beech tree fell on a trail entrance kiosk right after opening up the visitor center. Thank God no one was hurt. Then my day ended with me writing a vehicle accident report because someone illegally parked their brand new truck where it could get hit. Guess who hit it!? Meeee! 🙄 And let me not forget to mention the ghost that was caught in the visitor center saying “hey” on Monday on one of those ghost hunting gadgets. Lord help me.
This unfortunate pine was struck by lightning last night.
Green spaces in historic places. #wildscape
My anemia got in the way of this morning’s workout. Did some research and apparently running breaks down red blood cells with every foot strike. Who knew!? Guess it has been exacerbating my iron deficiency 😣 Good thing I have a rowing machine so I can stay active on days like these.
Tbh I’m so exhausted from traveling but I’m trying to enjoy my last few days before I “hit the ground running” once I return to the Lowcountry. July will be a key marketing month to promote a project I’m doing in October with an international artist. For now, I need a nap and some Phở after.
When you end the evening with bae at the footsteps of Capitol Records Tower. #selenaforever 💄 🎤
In the city of L.A. where it’s just another day.
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