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Perspective is everything. Oh and check out that new Cole project. Straight fire! #rashiidmarcell #dadpreneur #travelnoire #djimavicpro
One more thing knocked off the bucket list! Flyboard in Maldives. Trip is one of the best I’ve ever taken! #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #soultravel
I’ve done a lot of reflecting on this trip so far and one thing for sure is I’ve FAILED a lot of times. I wasn’t always the best son, friend, partner, employee for sure, hell I’m sure I’ve dropped the ball as a father too. However, I’m grateful for these experiences because they’ve always shown me where I need to grow. I guess the moral of the story is none of us are perfect and we never will be. But keep working, keep pressing, and even if you don’t figure it all out if you’re heart and intentions are pure you’re gonna grow through everything you go through. #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #soultravel
Truthfully just trying to live my best life. Happy I’ve been able to check this off my bucket list! It’s even more beautiful in person! Check my story for more of the stay here in Maldives. #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #travelnoire
#FBF This one time when Hendrix was 1 it was decided that it’d be really cool for her to get some stamps in that passport. So off to LA, then Hong Kong, then Bali. It was dope I just have to keep these pictures so she’ll know she was there lol #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #hendrixonthego #travelnoire
Quick trip to the doctor and @hendrixonthego is still all smiles. Selfishly, she is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. #hendrixonthego #daddydaughtertime #runthecity
PRESS PLAY: @dariuscolemanmusic There's nothing like the feeling of being on stage and the rush that comes with it. The stage is my safe place. It's makes me feel alive!! Every time I'm blessed to perform I cherish it as if it were the last. This night was no different!! Make sure to check out the full version by clicking the link in my bio. My team @norththirteenth is the best!! Hands down!!#heineken #complex
PRESS PLAY: thank you @iamnursemo and @emerald_health_services for trusting me with this project. Had a great time working with you all and the event was great! If you are or aren’t in the nursing field @theresilientnurse ‘s events are dope af! #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #videogram
PRESS PLAY: Seems like all the stars keep aligning! @novambb wins the @philadelphiaeagles won @sixers you gotta be next! • • • • Feat: @christiancrosby @sixersfranklin @archiesneighborhood @juliuserving @sixersdunksquad @sixers_dancers @glyonsjr if I missed anyone tag Em lol #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #nba
When I tell you I’m going stir crazy! I can’t wait to get out of the country! Something about leaving that gets me re inspired. More creative and more in tune with energy and the people that are around me. It’s time to go! Less than two weeks and I’m out. Where’s your favorite place to go to regroup? #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #travelnoire
Happy Easter y’all! This is from last year but who cares lol hope y’all enjoy the day! #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #easter
One of my favorite shots from the @heineken_us x @dariuscolemanmusic ‘s performance at @codaphilly with @arilennox Check my story for more flicks! #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer s/o to the @norththirteenth squad!
Wow! 2 years ago in the Philippines. Everything is much different, I quit my job, started a company with my brothers, traveling all over for “work”, I have an amazing daughter and am also a single parent. Ish ain’t easy by any means but I’m grateful for this season and the lessons I’m learning and just cheers to figuring shxt out! Have so much more to share with y’all and I can’t wait! 2018 is and will continue to be one of my best years on this planet! #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #travelnoire #nomadnesstribe
SWIPE LEFT: I guess this is where @hendrixonthego calls herself being mad at me 😂. As you can see that didn’t last too long. Lol #rashiidmarcell #dadprenuer #hennyandme
PRESS PLAY: Anotha one from @norththirteenth x @dariuscolemanmusic : In life there will always be ups and downs, high and lows, triumphs and defeats. But what I've learned is that it's not about the moment itself, it's about how we chose to respond to it. Make sure to click the link in my bio to check out the full video and this week's brand new song, "Searchin 4 Perfect". Tell me what you think!! Love, -DC FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO! Episode 2!
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