Fintan Jay

I leak items coming to fortnite and I tell you when they've been released you will also find out what I've been doing in game 👍đŸģ

New! Exclusive Xbox skin coming to fortnite Xbox only SOON!
New! Ravage skin in fortnite now!
How cool do You think my first asult cause
New! P.A.N.D.A Team leader and Sushi master skins in fortnite Now! 😱😱😱😱
New! Whiteout and Overtake skins in fortnite now!
New! Skins in fortnite now!
New fortnite durr burger skin in fortnite now 🍔
New double barrel shotgun in fortnite now 😎😱đŸ˜ŗ🤗
New Archetype skin in fortnite Now!
New! Sun tan specialist in fortnite now! Tag your favourite fortnite players
RIP season 4 this was the last win in the season 😭😭😭
The fortnite 1 year event is here
I can't believe how I did this noscope 😱. Come play with me some time on Xbox username Hipsterskull36
NEW! Leaked skins maybe coming to fortnite sorry about the quality of the pics I can't always get the best quality leaks ☚ī¸
NEW Chomp .Sr skin in fortnite now! Do you like it not? 👍👎
New Masked fury & Dynamo skins in fortnite now I'm not so sure about these skins though?
NEW! SubMachineGun in fortnite battle royal NOW!
NEW! Fortune and Moniker skin in the item shop NOW! 😱
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