Fintan Jay

I leak items coming to fortnite and I tell you when they've been released you will also find out what I've been doing in game 👍🏻

NEW! Fortune and Moniker skin in the item shop NOW! 😱
NEW! Magnus&Norse outfit in fortnite NOW!
All new map and rifts also toys all in fortnite now!
New additional golf cart officially in fortnite now!
Fortnite season 5 is out now!
Our first look at the fortnite season 5 teaser 😱
NEW! Oblivion skin and glider in the item shop now! 😱
She's BACK!!!!!! The Red knight is back along side with the NEW! Criterion skin both in the item shop now!
Sorry about my bad filming XD but The NEW leaked emote is in the item shop NOWWWWW!
NEW! 4th of July skins is the item shop NOW!
NEW! Detective skins Officially in the item shop NOW!
The Rocket has LAUNCHED and placed a crack in time or its broken the barrier 😱
NEW! VerTex skin officially in they Item shop right NOW!
More leaked emotes coming soon!
New leaked emotes coming SOON!
NEW leaked backblings and gliders coming along with the new skins
NEW! Official leaked skins coming to fortnite 😬😱
NEW! Dual Pistols and Playground LTM are in fortnite right NOW!
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