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Haters really just lovers with a twist 😘
Everyone can't have the sauce ✋🏾
Look One featuring @teenhearts. Code: RAYMKAY. Videographer: @northsidegfx Music: @northsiderocky. Hope you enjoy 😊
I just want your love ❤️
1 Wear your crown ladies. We as women will be pushed down and kicked but we must remain strong. Don't let any one tell you who you are. You must show them. 2 Be a Queen. We are here to knock doors down for one another. We are here to love one another. Help your sisters out if you get the chance. 3 Remain humble. We all come from somewhere. Whether it be bad or good we all have the power to change people. The people you need most are the ones you probably won't take a second look at. You. Get up now. Readjust your crown. And strut through your queendom of life.
She take pride in going out, getting holla-ed at, and saying nah 😇
She know how to grind, finesse like me, she is my rock AHC AHC AHC AHC AHC AHC
The strength of the lion 🦁
A rose through the concrete cracks 🌹
Loving the skin I'm in 💜
Whats better than one Raven ✌🏽
Blossom 🥀
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