You know the price but do you know the value?
Damn, 17 today. It feels like I was up standing near the colorful glass water tower on that foggy night in Brooklyn just yesterday. I know I’ve posted this last year but this picture really holds a lot of value to me. It’s not about how crazy I can edit or how nice the shot turned out to be, but the second the shutter clicked and captured a moment I’ll never relive, a feeling I’ll never forget whilst looking over at the beautiful foggy city lights peer through the intense fog. I realized what I’ve been doing the entire time, breaking into buildings, bypassing the not so mindful doorman and putting my own life over on the ledge, dangling over the busy streets of the city. It was all just to get over the thought of “her”and all the other negativity going on in my head. But through my dark times, I found a brighter light. I realized how amazing art can be through the artist’s rough times. I’m here now, 17, alive and onto the better things. Life really is beautiful, there’s so much more I can’t wait to see. I can’t let anyone nor anything stop me. This picture will forever stay iconic to me and this night always remind me that there really is beautiful things in life out there in this world.
Any day could be your last
Live a life you’ll remember
Someday, we’ll only exist in pictures
you and me, we in the same game but just different levels
It’s a lot to you but it ain’t nothing on me
from the beginning till the end
in memory of me
All we have is now
Just one of those nights
Every way that my mind goes
they say you’ll be free in America
Live a life you’ll remember
seen this so many times yet I’ve always wanted to take one for my own. that’s exactly what I did last year but I wasn’t the best and now 1 year later... this is it. hope you enjoy the change 🙊
High above Times Square, where the cold wind hits, the sounds of people and traffic are muted. Moments like these I won’t ever relive again
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