New York City

You can miss it all you want but never forget why you lost it in the first place
Chasing after your name
Ain’t afraid of death but ain’t in a rush to die. I got so much to do first.
Dreaming with our eyes wide open.
The way life goes
You love her but you’ll never be the one
back to those city nights and it kept me wide awake
The better days.
Somewhere other than here.
Forever in my mind.
Those nights.
Say less. Do more.
Through the night.
The things we whisper in the dark..
You ever just think back at the moments and realize you’ll never have it back?
You remember the things you want to forget, you forget the things you want to remember.
Once renowned as the number-one boxing venue in the world. The building that houses the Blue Horizon was originally constructed during the late 1800’s as housing for the upper class. In the early 20th century, it was sold to another organization who soon renovated the auditorium which will eventually hold the boxing ring. Finally in 1961, it was sold to a promoter who soon gave the building its name which still stands today, the Blue Horizon.
Are you living or are you surviving?
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