I think this may be my favorite video. @posi_juju on my door. closest proximity tandem so far. Lol, I feel like I did alright under pressure. vid credit: @holykhamoly unfortunately, I’m missing winter jam again this year. Next year for sure-for sure! #sonomadrift #z33 #350z
financial mistake but I don’t care #becauseracecar
🔉🔉🔉 #vq35de 📹: @13deadbirds #sonomadrift #z33
First event in 6 months. Got a late start and I almost gave up but @13deadbirds wouldn’t let me miss it. 3hr drive in traffic but it was well worth it. Thanks babe. And thanks @domino2300 for driving the support vehicle. Very successful night and I didn’t hit anything! #z33 #sonomadrift I’ll be doing a lot more driving than parking in 2019 for sure.
Im so ready for next Wednesday tho #sonomadrift #z33 📷: @jessicajmillersport
#wcw I love this woman 😍
lineup revised. I love my new car 😊 sorry, I can’t get over it
shoutout to my cousin @primativedits707 for these shots 🔥🔥🔥 #bayarea #challengerrt #dodgechallenger
only had this car for 6 days now and I’ve put a thousand miles on it 🖤
New ride! 2010 rt 6spd I didn’t wanna settle for anything else. I made it happen for myself. #buildyourcredit 🖤
for those that saw my last post before I deleted it, just disregard.. I can’t sell this car! I’ll solve my financial problems another way. See you at Sonoma nov 14th! 📷: @kingofswing_hoonigan
putting this car down for a while. blown head gasket. I’ll be fixing it, but not until I catch up with life. back to daily driving the z. if anyone wants a clean title 2005 sti, here’s your chance. $8k as is. message me for details. once I fix it, won’t be for sale again. #driven
Thanks @dustinborgphoto for makin it happen with the tickets and the room for this past weekend!
took the z out for a drive with bae today 🖤 #bayarea
throwback. @mean_pony sent me this. good times #sonomadrift
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