#bayarea 🖤@13deadbirds

putting this car down for a while. blown head gasket. I’ll be fixing it, but not until I catch up with life. back to daily driving the z. if anyone wants a clean title 2005 sti, here’s your chance. $8k as is. message me for details. once I fix it, won’t be for sale again. #driven
Thanks @dustinborgphoto for makin it happen with the tickets and the room for this past weekend!
took the z out for a drive with bae today 🖤 #bayarea
throwback. @mean_pony sent me this. good times #sonomadrift
I miss drifting so much. I don’t have Wednesdays off anymore so Sonoma isn’t an option until winter jam, but ima be hitting up drift central, Stockton, and thill events real soon. #z33 #sonomadrift
📷: @13deadbirds #driven #wrxsti mix a little bit of weed with a little bit of cash with a little bit of this with a little bit of that we gon' be all we gon' be alright
most solid lineup yet
I’ve been in such a great mood since getting back from Portland I felt like treating myself to something nice. I decided it’s seriously time for a truck in my life. 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 texas edition 2wd obnoxiously lifted poser truck beast on 38s. Just what I was goin for lol. Trailer is next.
I just wanna drift 📷: @kevinjacobsphoto #sonomadrift #350z
replaced broken offset rack spacer. attempted taking car to work and realign only to find I have stripped threads on steering gear. tie rod slips right out at full lock on driver’s side. lost steering, front wheels pointed in opposite directions. luckily it happened while parking as I was just on the freeway before this happened. towed home, time for a new rack and pinion. all this because of that crash at turn 11 a few months ago. smh, at least I finally got a new passenger door lol
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