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Raw organic cold-pressed juices and healthy plant-based food and snacks! 3 Ellis Street, SW1X 9AL. Cleanses, catering and wholesale enquiries👇🏻

Thanks @cup_buddy for the 5/5 for our hazelnut flat white with our @volcanocoffeeworks blend, roasted in London. ☕️ If you can take it or leaf 🍃 it, we also have a range of delicious teas from @rareteacompany , @lalaniandco matcha and plenty of delicious specialty lattes like our turmeric latte with Golden Mylk from @wunderworkshop , medicinal mushroom lattes from @hybridherbs , CBD latte from UK co-operative @hempenorganic , @bulletproof coffees, @proviotic_uk rose lattes and more! There’s no magic - great ingredients make great drinks, whether we’re talking about our organic juices or a hot bevvie perfect for a rainy Thursday. . . . #londonhealth #londoncafes #leafmealone #betterlattethannever #whereubean #returnofthemacchiato #coffeeanan
@lucocoa delivery! For our Millionaire’s Shortbread 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 and some of our other raw snacks, we love this raw bean-to-bar chocolate 🍫 flavoured with South American super-fruit lucuma, packed with antioxidants, fiber, easily digestible carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals! Find our raw snacks at Raw Press (in store and online), @planetorganic @melroseandmorgan @pomonafoods . . . #lucumamatata #goldenticket #plantbased #raw #vegan #londonhealth #chockywockydoodah #whowantstobeamillionaire
The only man-made breakfast structure visible from space: the Great Wall of Granola. 😋✨
Bowled over by the colours in this pic by @marinasmenu 👩‍🎨 Pitaya or dragonfruit makes a refreshing change to açai - besides its amazing colour, it is rich in magnesium, iron, antioxidants, and vitamins B2 and C. . . . #plantpower #prettyinpink #pitayameup #londonhealth #londoncafes #smoothiebowl #acaibowl 💕
Waff’s the story morning glory! Bluebs out all over the shop as the sun is back and here to stay! 🌝Grab your grids and load em up at Raw Press or @planetorganic 🤙🏻 @vegan.han . . . #whatthebuckwheat #glutenfree #vegan #coyo #bluebs #waffles #notawfuls #infactprettyyum #londonhealth
Who wants to be a millionaire? 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 Question 1 for £250,000: What is in our Millionaire’s Shortbread? A: A crunchy biscuit base, date caramel and a raw @lucocoa chocolate top. Question 2 for £500,000: In which decade did the Millionaire’s Shortbread first appear? (Ask the audience?) A: The 1970s. Final Question 3 for the big zeroooos: Where can you now buy Raw Press Millionaire’s?! A: Raw Press (duh), @planetorganic and @pomonafoods , with more stockists coming soon including @selfridgesfood !! ✌🏻😋 Major shout out to Chef Mayski @maya_daniels91 who developed the recipe and took this awesome pic👩🏻‍🍳, as well as graphic designers extraordinaire @beach.studio
Keeping up with the KeepCuppians 💁🏻‍♀️☕️ Finally got our hands on our very own Keep Cups, with a corking middle and a shiny bottom 👀 Buy yours in store for £16 and get a free coffee (or pitaya latte!), and then 15% off every purchase when you use your reusable cup! 🌎 @bunny.chow . . . #betterlattethannever #keepcupandcarryon #coffeeshop #londonhealth #plantbased #planetbased #itsacorker #keepcup
Visit @district.london Embassy Gardens, handily located no more than an apple’s throw from New Covent Garden market, where we source our organic fruit and vegetables! On the one hand you could neck down a couple of booster shots with ginger and turmeric. On the other, it might also be time for a long summer refresher with our zingy Citrus or our edgy veggie Super Green. 🌿 . . . #biggiesmalls #shotornot #gottahandittoyou #drinkme #coldpressedjuice #organic #districtcafe
Check out our Pronuts - 15g of plant protein 🌿💪🏻 and available in 4 great flavours now @planetorganic. Sharing is caring, so give the zero calorie central hole to a ravenous friend, and keep the chewy, sweet outer ring for yourself. #donutignore #donutlikeapro #gopro 🍩 @veganfoodpervert @nourishing.amy
I🕵️‍♀️ with my little 👁, an ice cold bowl of bluebs and açai. Brunch never tasted so healthy! @lifebysasha
Sampling time at @melroseandmorgan Primrose Hill. Now a shot, sip and a jump up to Hampstead! 🍏 . . . #letsgetjuicy #healthynothard #kelpmenow
Great pairings thyme after time, as our Citrus juice clocks in with this classic black @votchwatch ! Citrus is packed with orange, grapefruit, apple, lemon, lime, ginger and thyme 🍊and this zesty, feel-good flu-buster is chockfull of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids to keep you ticking. Grapefruit gets rid of unwanted cellular junk due to its high Vitamin C and lycopene content, and thyme supports the immune system. 🙏🏻 . . . #coldpressedjuice #organic #ethicalfashion #watchthis #plantbased #healthyjuice #londonhealth
Today we saw 2 bowls joined in holy matrimony to have and to hold, from this day forward, for richer for poorer (as long as somebody pays), in sickness and in health, for breakfast and for lunch, to love, cherish and sorbet, until being eaten do us part 💍👏🏻💑 Cacao For Now is wearing his military issue chocolate grawnola, blueberry buttons, and a banana hat 🍌 Viewers will be pleased to see a ceremonial smothering of almond butter, true to the 32nd açai regiment where he trained. Pink Panther is looking dazzling in a simple mango and strawberry bateau neckline, an elegant aesthetic with a scaled banana piece train 🥥💕🥥 @luciborbelyova . . . #bowledover #sorbae #plantbae #loveandstuff
Ok, that’s a wrap folks 📽🌯In fact, 8 wraps, 5 salads, 3 kelp noodles, juices all round, dehydrated falafel, hummus (be kidding me), and more carrot sticks than you can shake a cucumber stick at! We may not have been asked to cater the royal wedding (major oversight), but we can still put on a mean office lunch! @foundedwellness @alinafriedman . . . #vegancatering #plantbased #healthyfood #workplacewellness #icantkelpit #kelpineedsomebody #kelpnotjustanybody #nomnomnom #nom
It’s a Pronut kinda day and we got a hole lot of snacks for ya! Go nuts for our 2 new flavours - CBD & Matcha and Pitaya & Rose 🌹 Just oats, cashews and dates, with 15g of plant protein 🌱💪🏻 and a coconut oil icing! 🍩 Shout out to some of our awesome suppliers - freeze-dried pitaya powder from @hybridherbs , UK grown CBD supply from not-for-profit @hempenorganic cooperative, organic Damascene rose water from @proviotic_uk and the finest quality organic @lalaniandco matcha! Coming soon to @planetorganic and @melroseandmorgan 🙏🏻 #piccywic creds to 📸 snack chef extraordinaire @maya_daniels91 . . . #rawsnacks #healthynothard #gonutsforpronuts #rawdonut #doh #holeymoley #plantbased #cashew 👃🏻#blessyou #cbd 🤟🏻
There’s no better way to celebrate Earth day 🌎 than by celebrating our favourite earthy vegetables - celeriac and beetroot, in this delicious quinoa salad from @sugarfreesiblings 🥗 As we come into warmer weather, there’s no need to ditch your root veggies, as they are perfect in this springtime dish with peas and an apple cider vinegar dressing 🍏 Don’t forget to check out the full video on our website! 🤓 . . . #plantbased #sugarfree #saladrecipes #healthynothard #londoncafes #healthyfood #recipevideos
It’s time again for our weekend video series 📽 This week we’re featuring the charismatic Diana and Charlotte, a.k.a. the @sugarfreesiblings , who are showing us how to make a really simple and delicious sauerkraut from the Raw Press kitchen! 👯‍♀️ With fermented foods now enjoying a resurgence in popularity, it’s high time you learnt the benefits of probiotic foods, which are essential for your digestive health. Because of refrigeration and dangerous agricultural practices like soaking our foods with chlorine, most foods today have very few probiotics and many also often contain antibiotics that can even kill off the good bacteria in our bodies 😠 As always, check out the full video on our website or YouTube channel, and tune in for another video tomorrow! Happy Saturday ☀️ . . . . #getwithyourgut #sauerkraut #sugarfree #kimchi #healthycooking #healthyrecipes #vegan #plantbased #healthynothard
Today’s weather forecast, sponsored by @votchwatch , is ... scorchiooo! ☀️🔥😎 25 degrees London ... here we come!👙Cool it right down at Raw Press with an iced matcha latte, smoothie, açaí bowl or simply one of our classic juices🥕This is our Deep Rooted, an earthy blend of beetroot, apple, fennel, carrot and raw cacao 🍫 All of our staff wear Votch watches, which we support because they are entirely vegan! 🌱 . . . #parkday #tgif #scorchio #vegan #votch #healthyfood #coldpressedjuice #plantbased #cacaofornow 👋🏻
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