A normal red blooded Canadian male. I love Harley’s, guitars, and conservative valued ladies ❤️❤️❤️. Many other interests 😊

Lol where’s the babes, Harley’s, beers, wings etc? Lol
My brand new Simon and Patrick 12 string guitar. It’s an early 52nd birthday present for myself. Thank you to @lm_northbay Treat yourself to Monster Days at Long&McQuade!!!! Awesome deals until the end of June.
A visit to the memorial to Major-General Worthington, the father of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. The 6 wheeled vehicle is a Cougar AVGP Armoured Vehicle General Purpose. I used to drive these at the beginning of my military career when I was an armoured soldier at 17 years of age and still in high school. Thank Worthy for inspiring so many soldiers and their families.
After a beautiful and long ride to Manitoulin Island, Ontario I rode home to this!!! Sunset in North Bay, Ontario Canada on Lake Nipissing. The old Chief Commanda is in the photo. It’s now a restaurant on the lake. It’s called “The Boat”. You can find it on Facebook. Northern Ontario is a gateway to many known and yet to be discovered natural gems. It’s yours to discover and you’re gonna love it, in Ontario!!!!
Just about to head home in this picture. Is music or anything creative your “triangle of light”?
Relaxing with my guitar on the beach playing as the sun slowly settles below the horizon starting a new day for others 😎
We must love ourselves first, not self worshipping!!! Grow your self-discipline (fitness, healthy diet, creative and academic growth), demonstrate that you are worth another investing their heart and effort into you. This way we make ourselves the right person to be with instead of waiting for the right person to come along.
So true and sad. Be creative! Grow something! Try to give more life to the environment than you take away. It sounds easy but it’s not. Plant your own herbs, flowers. Your own created green space will be healthy environment to live in.
There is space on everyone’s bookshelves for books you have outgrown but can’t give away. They hold your youth between their pages. You are not a disposable book, you are an adventure the world has yet to discover 😉
My run today was 11.5 kms. My challenge today was to run a 10 minute cycle and I did it with ease. My cardiovascular performance has visibly improved and that is a huge confidence booster!!!! And I am starting to see results in the mirror. If you are able to walk or run then I encourage you to make it a regular routine. It will pay off in huge dividends for you 😎
Let the wisdom you’ve gained in life better enable your abilities to enjoy life. Age doesn’t restrict us, it is an individual philosophical approach to life that restricts us. My age didn’t restrict me, my choices in lifestyle did. Less of a digital life and more analog will get the heart pounding, blood flowing, breathing deeply, getting healthier and that all adds up to happier living. Add a healthy diet and you have the icing on the cake!!!
This was this morning. The staff are still laughing about it. Soooo funny.
Steak and eggs with a couple of oranges for dessert after my run 😊
My longest run ever-15.2 kms. Avg temp 12 degrees C, humidity was 77% which made breathing a little difficult for me so I started and finished the run on a 2 minute run/3 minute walk cycle. Not my fastest speed or time but I don’t care, any step forward is an accomplishment and 15 kms.... 😊 It’s a good day!!!
Out for a walk along the shore of Lake Nipissing yesterday evening.
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