Ray ❤ 33x/💬 2x / Dre follows ❤/ Ray's mom follows❤/Lusana❤ 4x/💬2x / Anesu follows/ Chris follows/❤23/💬1 / Jane follows

Everything😍💞 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz
Miss this friendship :( 💖 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz @chadtepper
How can someone be so cute in the morning😂😍 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz
New Vlog He removed the tattoo of lele💖 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz
Cuz you're the only one on my mind✨🎶 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz
Favorite smile😊😍 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz
Ray removed his tattoo of lele @raydiaz @iamraydiaz @privetaesthetics
Love them😍😍 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz @deanna_davis
Handsome boy😍😍 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz
Omg😍🔥🔥🔥🔥 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz @directedbydelapaz
Love you Ray😍😍 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz
Happy birthday Ray,my favourite model and actor and the best idol ever.I couldn't imagine a life without you,you are my inspiration to never give up on my dreams.I am always here for you no matter what. Happy birthday and I hope you will have an amazing day. LOVE YOU SO MUCH😍💖💞❤🎁🎉😘 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz . . Tag Ray please👇💙
Love them so much😍😍😍 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz @johnyiantselis @johnyia
Love this picture😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz
Love you😍😍😍 @raydiaz @iamraydiaz
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