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#viswasam படத்த பார்த்து எனக்கு பிறக்க போற கொழந்தை பெண்ணா பிறக்கணுமெனு ஆசையா இருக்கு. #thalaajith Watching this emotional movie with my extra emotional and pregnant wife @chennai_super_queen
What a beautiful country!! காற்றின் பேரிசையும்  மழை பாடும் பாடல்களும் ஒரு மௌனம் போல் இன்பம் தருமோ  கோடி கீர்த்தனையும் கவி கோர்த்த வார்தைகளும் துளி கண்ணீர் போல்  அர்த்தம் தருமோ வெள்ளை பூக்கள் பாட்டில் கவி கோர்த்த இந்த வார்த்தைகள் இலங்கையின் அழகை பார்த்பின்புதான் புரிகிறது.
இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள். Celebrating pongal in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I love this city and this country.
*LONG POST ALERT* While in shoot today I realised I had forgotten something very important. So I sent a vehicle to my house and asked Sriranjani @chennai_super_queen to keep it ready for the driver to pick it up. The driver picks it up as instructed and brings it to my shooting spot. There driver hands the bag which contains the item I had requested and something else. It so happens that my wonderful and thoughtful wife has kept a packet of biscuits in the bag. I had mentioned that I would be shooting till late and that it was gonna be a stressful day. That small, simple pack of biscuits just reminded me in the most delightful way how much my wife loves me and how lucky I am to have found this tiny angel to share my wife with. Films mostly get it wrong. Love is not singing duets in foreign countries or Grand gestures professing your love in front of thousands of people Love is... A pack of biscuits in a bag. In short - Try and get yourself a Sri in your life
A year full of drastic ups and downs has come to an end. And there's just so much to look forward to in 2019. I love you all. You have been so kind to me and my family. Your wishes and story line support mean so much to me. I will be coming live on Instagram at 3pm today to discuss a very important issue with all of you. Hope to see all of you there!!
Our wonderful vacation is close to coming to an end. It's with a heavy heart and unforgettable memories that we bid adieu to this beautiful country.
Some more pictures from the beautiful land of Bali, Indonesia. Introducing my angelic niece, Rithanya Bhargav. Doesn't she look so beautiful?
Pondaats and me singing one of our favorite #arr Songs #Repost @chennai_super_queen (@get_repost ) ・・・ Musical mornings in #Bali with @realamitbhargav #BaliDiaries #chennaisuperqueen
I received many messages by concerned fans and friends fearing for the safety of my family and enquiring about our well being. Thank you so so much for your concern, love and affection. This short video was shot yesterday and I wanted to say that me and my family are happy and healthy by God's grace. My heart goes out to those who have suffered in Indonesia due to the natural calamity but it hasn't affected Bali and there's a very low likelihood of that happening in the future as well. Thank you, again, for your concern. My family and I were very touched. @padmininagachandra @chennai_super_queen @anushikababu
What a beautiful place!! Visit Bali and see for yourself. @
Episode 12 of #DollhouseDiaries is out!! Watch the surprise cameo by Tamil people's sweetheart @makapa_anand . Not just a cameo but a very convincing performance. The next episode is the finale!! @chennai_super_queen @shruti.ramachandran
The 11th episode of #DollhouseDiaries is out!! Watch it now on @mxplayer . This episode is my personal favorite. I think you'll find it very thrilling. Watch and let me know .
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