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A little Calgary-Henge before tomorrow’s show with @charles_esten @cowboysmusicfestival
Who needs the biggest fireworks show in the nation when you have these festive home-made hats?!... (fireworks are too late for baby 😒) HAPPY FOURTH!
Just before it all went terribly wrong! (My swing needs work!) But thanks @topgolf Nashville for the killer sunset view!
Remember when we did this? #nashvillefarewelltour
Sound checking for our Leeds show with @sampalladio #nashvillefarewelltour Photo by @danny_rowe_6951
Thank you Birmingham for a great opening night! #nashvillefarewelltour
Our last US sunset before UK tour!
What’s left of Will and Gunnar’s first place together! (Also Home to: Avery, Scarlett, Layla, and briefly Jeff Fordham)
Lucky me! I got to wish Mommom a happy 90th birthday in person! She’s the best!
My lady @erinslaver is sweetening up Sugarland Texas tonight with @jdssband
Will and Gunnar in 30 years! @sampalladio
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