Gene Boy

let the energy flow.

I haven’t posted anything in a while I’ve been getting my shit together and trying not to spend to much time on social media. I woke up to missed calls and texts from my people checking up to see if I was good because they know of how much I loved and respected Mac. Since the day “Donald Trump” Dropped I knew this music shit is what I wanted to do forever and he was the reason for it. He single handily inspired me from the jump to create and write my own raps. I’m fking crushed. I always visualized us inside the studio just creating things. Having a great time and putting beautiful records out into the world. His latest album was a fucking master piece from front to back. I’m literally just so devastated from this I can only imagine what his loved ones are going through. Please if you fuck with me or my music or whatever it may be I just ask of you to send love their way. Keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for everything you’ve done mac. We appreciate it. #MostDope 🖤🖤🖤
Search “La La La” - Gene boy on YouTube. Show ya boy some love 🤘🏼💚 @dizzyhippy #stillmovin #thegoldenagerapcontest
i really love this shirt and I also really love u. New music on the way. 💚🤘🏼
Issa vibe ☮️
rockstar 🤘🏼💚
Gene Boy - Sleepin Schedule Available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and every other music platform. Link to the video is in my bio! Comment below what you think! 💚🤘🏼
Ya boy is officially 21. Grateful. Thank y'all for making my day so legendary. It's always love. 💚🤘🏼
Lemme give a quick shout out to this man right here. We all need to match this dudes energy. Thank you for last night G. It was special. Enjoy the rest of tour!! 🤘🏼💚
"Sleepin Schedule" now on #vevo ! Link in my bio! This one is very special to me. I hope you guys enjoy! Please show a friend for me! 💚🤘🏼
Sleepin' Schedule on @vevo 6/16/17 I truly appreciate all the love and support y'all been blessing me wit! Im very excited about this one. Tag someone who you know would enjoy the record let's shake the world up 💚🤘🏼
Sleepin' Schedule on @vevo 6/16/17 It's summertime so to my night owls tag a friend who's sleeping schedule is messed up! Thanks for rockin' wit me! 💚🤘🏼
my radar been buzzin'.
everything is art. 🤘🏼💚 Shouts to @airkess91 on the hoodie.
I love you mom thank you for being the light inside of my life. Thank you for always reminding me to remain humble and to always love who I am. I'm forever grateful. You are my rock. Thank you for supporting my vision and being my number 1.
Sleepin' Schedule is available to be streamed on all major music platforms! Spotify link in my bio! Search "Gene Boy" on Apple Music to find other singles I have dropped. Music video coming soon for "Sleepin' Schedule" thanks for rockin wit me I'm grateful hope y'all have a great day 💚🤘🏼
It's all about the love and good energy. 💚🤘🏼 📸: @mrsteelepro
dem curls is art. New music is on the way 💚🤘🏼 📸: @mrsteelepro
art. Shouts to @q_easy513
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