tess is my bitch πŸ’ž β€” videostar β€” for you dc nerds: @grxysonsdick β€” olive @jellovfx β€” 🐻

β€’ go watch into the spiderverse now 😑 for tess sc @sugarsnoah [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ seeing this man in a few hoursπŸ•· dt @spidervfx [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ don’t sleep on my man dave ib/ac @disturvula [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ everyone:*fighting over who the best spidey is* me, an intellectual: my audio dt @ryanfilms.edits clip creds to ryan films on YT sub to him [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ please don’t make me say goodbye to my favorite mcu character this april rm of myself dt @spideyonpoint [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ you did good, kid. dt @spideyonpoint ac @obrienphy [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ the names homer 🀠 uhhhhh add me psn diccdill πŸ˜ƒ [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ not a hero ac @jellovfx comic what if spiderman (2018) [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ Elizabeth Olsen dt @jellovfx ac @esotezic accidental rm of @wandasfears [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ Legends 5.0 introducing John Bubniak ac/rm @gothamsmostwanted dt @spideyonpoint [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ must have been out of my mind making this shitty edit 🀒 ac @emiliasbastard [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ are you sure it says pablo bc all I see is a papi😳😳 comic: spidey [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ schools out dt @spideytm ac/ib @xgrymes comic spidey:schools out [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ hey mister 🀠 ac/dt @symbiotiic [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ mess with the cat, you get the claws dt @spidervfx ib @aqumenti [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ big symbiote energy🀀🀀 dt @spideyonpoint ib @starkosexual [#spideycult2 ]
β€’ fun fact: I loved tasm when I saw it in theaters in 2012 ib/dt @spideyonpoint [#spideycult2 ]
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