tess is my bitch 💞 — svp & ae — olive @x.laufeyson — profile pic creds my baby uwu — 🐻

•vs• never wound what you can’t kill dt @spideyonpoint cc @yaboicomics [#spideycult2 ]
•vs• it’s fucking impossible dipshit ac/dt tess ❤️ cc @yaboicomics ib @nvctry [#spideycult2 ]
•vs• blessings cc @yaboicomics [#spideycult2 #omgmcu ]
•vs• goblin jr and spidey😰 dt @x.laufeyson ac @emiliasbastard [#spideycult2 ]
•vs• a man just trying to provide for his family ib @avngerss dt @spideyonpoint [#spideycult2 ]
• knock knock dt @arkhameditor [#spideycult2 ]
• happy birthday to the best Spider-Man [#spideycult2 #TOBEYWEEK ]
• INTRODUCING: #TOBEYWEEK Year 3 😳 get on the hype train for the true GOAT this week bc fuck tom 😠 (pause/screenshot to read 😨)
• happy birthday to me since y’all sleep on my shit😔 ib @chandleraddiction [#spideycult2 ]
• better when it feels wrong ib/ac @daddy.rafe dt @spideyonpoint [#spideycult2 ]
{vs} call the doctor ib @ivekli dt @jelloxedits & @krstndkno [#spideycult2 ]
• C R A Z Y dt @krstndkno bc she helped me learn video star again 😔 [#spideycult2 ]
• the best friendship in any spider-man franchise and that’s on me ib @cursedparker dt @spideyonpoint & @arkhameditor [#spideycult2 ]
• flashing lights dt @spideyonpoint [#spideycult2 ]
• web of shadows *brightness up* rm @ultimatewebs [#spideycult2 ]
• big head for tess cc @yaboicomics [#spideycult2 ]
• underrated badass cc @yaboicomics [#spideycult2 ]
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