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Fans, friends, family, NXT Universe, WWE Universe. Everyone. This is...universal (ehh, ehh? No? Okay moving on...) Listen, no matter what it is you do, what goal you're chasing, what dream you're chasing, what grind you're on...there will ALWAYS be someone who wishes to bring negativity to what you're doing. Understand this. In all cases, your opponent is YOU. Ignore ignorance. Disregard negativity. And simply aim to be better than the day before. Aim to be...Limitless. Good luck. Grind well. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
Humble gratitude for all the positive feedback on the debut last night. Let us see what kind of ride we can create. Only time will tell... #BaskInMyGlory for #iAmLimitless
Tonight is the night. Let The Grind continue. COME. #BaskInMyGlory for #iAmLimitless
Almost time to make some noise. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless #Repost @theheelmarks (@get_repost ) ・・・ #Bask
Failure found me pretty quickly in this final set. However, progress was still made. And #TheGrindIsForever . We'll keep working to be better. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
Witness the beginning of something that will become quite special. Something that will become monumental. Something...that will be.....Limitless. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
If I'm being honest, my body as well as my mind are being pushed further than they have in a long time......and I love it. #GrindWell #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
I am often asked what's next... Next, we grind some more. We blow more minds. We set new standards. We find more competition. Most importantly...we provide more opportunity for people to... #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
The first person to welcome me to NXT face to face. Thanks Izzy! It was a proper special evening. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
I am out to make a statement and shake the Earth. This is just the beginning of a new grind. Come along for the ride. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless can't help yourself. You just have to sit back and reflect. Think about your struggles. Difficult experiences. Things you've overcome. Thank those who've pushed you along, whether in positive or negative ways. Regardless of how, you're here. Keep those who pushed you in positive ways, remove those that illicit negative energy. Then prepare for your next fight. And give it everything you have. #TheGrindIsForever #ThankYou #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
#wcw goes to The Baskmobile! That's how this is done right!? She gets out of the hospital in a day or two! Woohoo! #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
When you just died...but even through gotta rep your boys. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
The Baskmobile is sick so I'm borrowing this thing for a few days. Shout out to Discount Tire for getting her taken care of.
This goes out to a very select group of people. I just want you to know...#ItsAllGood #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
Gained some new interests. Repped one of the bruhs too.
I just got what was probably the best rest I've had in quite a long time. Wonder what could caused that 🤔🤔 Ahh's a random pic of me doing a fun little interview over in Germany.
When you've found something that makes you will be met both supportive happiness and suggested caution. Occasionally, flat out disapproval. *I* believe most cases, all sides tend to come with good intentions. It is *your* job, however, to observe and discern what is good and what isn't. And most importantly, if it is worth it. Whether or not that thing interferes with your goals and ambitions, or if it fits in nicely. Better yet, whether or not it supports them. Sometimes excitement, or a lackthereof, can derail our logic. Get back on track. Get back to grinding. #MakeYourDayGreat #TheGrindIsForever #BelieveInYourself #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
These guys say Happy Independents Day! And to go to Use the promo code "America" for 20% off!
Sometimes, you just need to close your eyes and FEEL the energies surrounding you. Sometimes...that alone, is nourishment. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
Pain. Disappointment. Sadness. Reality. Regroup. Recovery. Grind again. 📸: #Musselwhite
Few hours away. For a few days. Go ahead. Indulge.
It's after 4 in the's the 1st of the month...and I feel as if I just woke up even though I've not been asleep. A new motivation. A new vision. And a new level of focus. Moments like these are often like RKO's...they just come outta nowhere (don't judge my corny jokes). #TheGrindNeverEnds #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
Still sporting the grays for the time being... I think I need a facial hair change though 🤔🤔 Gonna have to check in with everything and see what works. #BaskInMyGrays #iAmLimitless
#fbf Fall back Friday....That's a thing right? No facial hair lol. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
Happy Independents Day! #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
There's been MANY annoyances that came with moving. But we all have that one person or thing that grounds us. And at the end of the day, even with all the work that still needs to be done....this is my backyard. It'll all come together in time.
Starting to miss hitting people a bit. But I will hold out until it's time. An opportunity will come. And I shall seize it! #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
Let's talk about the bruhs at @hybrid.s.o.w_ Got me a cake just to send me off with some love. I appreciate you boys (and girl). Thank you guys. And best of luck with that expansion you got set. Will visit soon as I can!
14 hours later....we're still going strong. Plenty left to go.
They say #DoTheDrives . we are! Excited to get through this one. My world is waiting on the other side. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
My driving mate said he wanted to sleep in the truck last night. We'll see if he regrets that decision when this road trip starts. Also...I answered a LOT of questions. And the something I really enjoyed reading. Please, give it a look-see! Shout out to @henrytcasey
I believe my grandparents would have been proud. I believe my aunt would have been proud. My world seems proud. I am at peace. And I am grateful. Looks like my little time off will be coming to an end sooner than later. #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitlesa
I forgot to take a picture with Shane last night. So here is one with Thunder Rosa. She puts us both to shame anyway. It was good seeing faces I hadn't seen in quite some time.
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