Lucy lawless

WE. ARE. FAG.GA.TRON !!! #DealWithIt
WE.ARE.FAGGATRON!!!! errr... kind of... @lgbti_nz Getting ready to rehearse performance for Thursday night #lgbtiAwards at Cordis hotel, Auckland with the infamous #Faggatron boys. #loveIsLove
Freshman students at this time of year. Exam hell
His was my dessert at a restaurant in Riquewihr, the night before Anthony Bourdain was found dead in the same town. I believe I heard two sirens leaving Colmar the next morning as I was checking out. I took notice because they were about 25 minutes apart and that struck me as an odd interval for two emergencies together in a sleepy medieval town. Could have nothing to do with anything. But I imagine the poor fellow was in the same town feeling very dark as we ate something exquisite. sadness.
Not to be outdone by @marissajaretwinokur , I’m performing with the Infamous Faggatron at the LGBTI Awards, Auckland, Nov 29. Brace yourself, Eileen!!!!! Tix here:
Thought a 3-Tier Cakestand was the height of bourgeoiserie? Think again!
Life is beautiful when your actions are in line with your beliefs. Join us @GreenpeaceNZ #MakeOilHistory
Friends, I'm here with @greenpeace w the Kaikoura whales, laying down a challenge to Aussie to protect a biodiversity treasure you might not know you have. Sign here and share #tagALovelyAussie @TaikaWaititi @AJemaineClement @LiamHemsworth LOVE #makeOilHistory
I am in love with @GreenpeaceNZ. Can you tell? the #RainbowWarrior made me sing a little song... #makeOilHistory
With the absolutely frigging awesome #RainbowWarrior crew at PrincesWharf, Auckland. @greenpeacenz , you rock! In the crows nest at the top of th rigging. #maleOilHistory
Let’s talk about Decriminalizing #Marijuana in NZ. Medical/Recreational, Dispensary/HomeGrown. Whaddaya reckon? @thePumphouse Aug 5, 7pm. NZ referendum 2020.
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