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Last thought before I go to sleep... One of the most important emotions to cultivate that will enrich your life is pride. I don’t mean arrogance. Or showing off. I mean internal pride. Contentment. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. One of the big philosophical themes about why people became so miserable in the industrialization era is because people got separated from their output. “Work” became just meaningless, repetitive tasks. Press this button 1000x per day. Answer this phone 20x per hour. Fill this form 2 x per minute. And these tasks by themselves are meaningless. They are just drudgery. Even worse than just doing busy work with no growth or positive contribution. In our modern world, a lot of work isn’t exactly positive. Over 50% of Americans today say they are dissatisfied with their job for all kinds of reasons. But for me personally, the thing that brought me the most misery is feeling like my work was either not positively contributing to others or even potentially harming them. I hated the idea of people giving me money and not getting value in return. And this brought me to my greatest conflict when I started studying all kinds of business and marketing gurus that threw ethics out the window. And some I later found out where complete liars and were actively taking advantage of people. I never did succumb to implementing anything that I felt harmed people, but that internal moral conflict while it lasted brought a great deal of misery. Anyway, back to my earlier point. One of the key elements of “work satisfaction” is to see “the fruits of your labor”. I remember a philosopher that described how for example a barrel maker would work. He would spend up to half a day just assembling one barrel. But, by the end of the day, he has 2 completed barrels. Created by the sweat of his brow. And if he did his work according to his standards and the way he wanted them to be. Now he can feel a sense of pride. Satisfaction. Of a “job well done”. That pattern I believe is absolutely essential. It’s part of our DNA is to see our work “completed” and to see a satisfactory result. (Completed in comments)
You guys know the story of "The Acres of Diamonds"?
Hopes and dreams are great, but it's the muscle and sweat that makes it happen!
Doing the right thing always pays off.
Always do the right thing and you’ll find your way.
Determination towards your goals.
Build solid fundations for your marketing message.
Desire nothing, do everything.
Develop your own competitive advantage.
It’s all about value.
Follow your own path and stay true to it.
Face your challenges and overcome them.
Copywriting hacks.
The secret to become highly productive.
To be successful you have to become a Master in what you do.
Finishing a project is what counts.
Take massive action and prepare to see great results.
Do your thing
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