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Hang in there, it’s almost winter break ❄️ Try and spell Elf On The Shelf letter by letter without being interrupted, & let me know which pic u saw him in 😎. . Did you see my IG stories to find out what emoji to put to be entered in today’s giveaway? . #elfontheshelf #winter #rebeccazamolo #giveaway #zamfam
Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts during the Holidays? Give the gift of @calottery Holiday Scratchers® like I am gifting to 🤔 See my story to see 😏❤️. . ️#HolidayScratchers #GiftBehavior ad
Trying to keep with my upside down handstand theme 😅 Try and spell what’s on the picture frame letter by letter without being interrupted for a DM ❤️🤸‍♂️. . . #gymnastics #handstand #rebeccazamolo #weekendvibes #upsidedown
Which pic is your fav? 1-4 Swipe right see what happened when you aren’t in on the joke😡😂🙈. .
What’s the first thing that instantly comes to mind when you hear December? 👇🏻Doit without thinking🔥🎄. Mine is Snow ❄️
Do you prefer winter or summer? I clearly like a little of both 😎. Try to spell your fav out letter by letter without being interrupted for a DM 😘. . Did you find the snowball @mattslayss tried to throw at me❄️ #TGIF #winter #snow #friyay
How many Ugly Christmas Sweaters do you have? 1, 2, or more? . So excited for my new Music video to come out today 🎉. Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen 🙌🏻😘. 🎤 @madilynbailey 🕺🏼 @kylehanagami 🎬 @ryanparma @mattslayss @jimbosliceoflife 😅 @pattyho9 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 💃🏼 @yuliana__maldonado @haleyfitzgerald @lonniolson @haleyjonae
Did you know who this was at first glance of this picture? 🤸‍♀️💕. . New YouTube video coming today 😱 @madilynbailey @kylehanagami @mattslayss
What’s your favorite Christmas song? 🎼🎄 Getting into the holiday spirit with @mattslayss 😂 even if I enjoy it more than him 😏. Who else loves Christmas as much as me?!! . #Christmas #couplegoals #dance #onesie
What color shoes do u think I had on? Guess before u swipe right to find out if u were correct😅🙌🏻. . Giveaway today for ZamFam Merch! Watch my IG stories to find out how to enter ❤️ I’ll be picking 3 winners today 🎉
Did this pic make you smile? 😎 What’s something you’re excited to do this weekend? . I’m excited to go to @sav.labrant @chantellepaige baby shower 👧🏼👧🏼
Did you heart the heart? ❤️😏. . Are you single or in a relationship? You guys know I’m a wifey to this cute guy 🤓💍🙌🏻.
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