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If you aren't using #ColorGelsLacquers , you should be. Why? It has the shine of Shades EQ with the coverage of a permanent (that means it goes on Zone 1 only!) Want to know more about Color Gels Lacquers? Head to our Stories. Great work from @meltedbymel 🇺🇸using Color Gels Lacquers.
Color corrections are not always an easy task - but they *are* sastifying to see the results. 😍Great work by 🇨🇱 who used #ShadesEQ 05N on Zone 1 and 08T + 08V + pH-Bonder on Zones 2 and 3. Las correcciones de color no son una tarea fácil - pero ver los resultados *es* lo mas gratificante. 😍Gran trabajo de 🇨🇱que usó #ShadesEQ 05N en Zona 1 y 08T + 08V + pH-Bonder en Zonas 2 y 3.
Do you understand the importance of acidic haircolor? 💕 After any kind of lifting service—be it highlights, balayage, or a single-process—hair is going to be in its most fragile state. Acidic haircolor helps to keep the hair strand protected and smooth, upping the combatibility factor. Not to mention that a smooth and closed hair cuticle also allows for incredible light reflection & shine. Big shout-out to @bellabru 🇺🇸for using #ShadesEQ to create a gorgeous balayage Want to learn more about acidic haircolor? Head to our stories 👀
Tip: You don't need to balayage all-over to achieve a big change in your client's look. @steph_edwardsandco 🇦🇺combined a heavier paint on the halo with an all over #ShadesEQ gloss to give her brunette client the perfect amount of sparkle ✨ What other time-efficient but impactful techniques do you use on your clients?
Every second in the salon is precious, but when it comes to capturing your hard work, stop and consider: could less lighting help for a better photo? 🧐 @xo.farhana.balayage 🇨🇦took both photos in natural light, but the second photo was taken with less light (indirect sunlight), which is more in-tune with how her client's hair translated in real life. "While we talk so much about taking our hair photos in natural lighting, it’s equally important to ensure the light isn’t overexposing the photo creating contrasts and tones that aren’t real." Don't underestimate the power of less as more! #hairtips
No better city than Miami, Florida to put NEW #FrizzDismiss to the test 🌴🌴🌴 (Swipe to check out @mahoganylox ’s hair 😍😍😍 )⁣ ⁣ Missed the action? Watch @SalonCentric ’s Facebook Live as @samvillahair demonstrates tricks using his frizz faves. ⁣ ⁣ Now through 3/24, professional stylists get 20% off of Frizz Dismiss! Have you tried it yet?
Sound familiar? "My guest didn’t want anything too dramatic but still wanted to see a change." 😳 Don't limit yourself to think that creativity is subjected to big changes and less really can be more. @taylarwestartistry 🇺🇸 was able to create a unique look by only doing blonde pieces below her client's ear level and weaving the hair for maximum lift, while getting the change that her client was looking for. #haircolorinspo
Are you taking the time to have an efficient client consultation? Asking the right questions and setting expectations to your clients will save you time on future corrections, unecessary coloring or do-overs. @hairbyamybee 🇺🇸has a few key questions she tends to ask before making a game plan: ✔️How overall bright do they want to be? ✔️Do they want a subtle glow, or more dramatic change? ✔️Do they want a bright, bold, money piece? Or are they wanting the brightness to start a little lower? ✔️Do they wear their hair up a lot? ✔️Do they curl it frequently? What other questions are you asking to achieve the ideal end result with your clients?
Grab your notebooks 📝 it's time for some #haireducation . Do you understand the WHY behind our color mantra? We believe in applying color in Zones based on pH science because: ✔️Each Zone accepts color differently based on the condition of the hair ✔️We care for the integrity of event the most sensitized parts of the hair The combination of alkaline and acidic color maximizes color results and minimizes stress on hair Check out Redken Artist (and 2018 NAHA Colorist of the Year) @lorizabel 's formula in the photos. ☝️
If only there was a way to save an extra 10 mins during a lightening process 😉👉Knowing #FlashLiftBonderInside has both bonding & cosmetic benefits, pH-Bonder Step 2 is not required. This can save 10 minutes per service! @styledbyquoizel 🇺🇸 used Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 30 vol with foils to create these high contrast ends on her client. We want to know, in what other ways are you saving ⏱while lightening your clients?
Frizzy haired friends, look no further ➡️ NEW #FrizzDismiss is great for all hair types to smooth and tame puffiness and flyaways 🎉⁣ ⁣ Pro stylists, haven’t tried it yet? Find out why now is the perfect time to get your hands on this range on our Instagram Stories. 📲
Redken #haircare in action: All Soft Shampoo + Conditioner, Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate Serum + Anti-Static Mist + Guts 10 at the roots. How can you keep it simple when selecting the right products? 's tip: "If you're going to pick one product, I always use an oil or serum because it's perfect for adding softness and shine back into the hair after washing. 🌟 Apply it mainly to the ends or on dry areas to avoid any greasiness, and use a tiny bit for finishing and taming any frizz or flyaways after drying."
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