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• • 》G R A T E F U L《 • • I just wanted to tell you all how incredibly grateful I am for all of you. For every order made in my shop you'll find me doing a little happy dance. My family and I greatly appreciate you. Don't think that your likes, comments & shares go unnoticed. Your support on this journey means the world to me. Thank you so so much! - Kathryn
• • 》K E Y C H A I N S《 • • Wire wrapped crystal keychains just hit the shop! These babies are made to order and come in 7 different crystal varieties: Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Amethyst, Moss Agate & Aventurine. At only $7 a piece they make a great gift for - - well, anyone! Limited quantities available. ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
Who loves spirit quartz?! Raise your hand 🙋🏻‍♀️ I just posted all the Spirit Quartz I have left in my story. Feel free to DM me for additional photos or videos of anything. Most of them are $10 or less.
• • 》A M A Z O N I T E《 • • I only have a couple amazonite towers left in my shop! It's hard to capture in pictures but they have beautiful chatoyant flashes, especially this one in particular. ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》B L A C K • F R I D A Y《 • • My biggest sale of the year just started - 25% off everything + FREE US shipping! How epic is that?! Plus all orders over $50 get a free crystal gift and all orders over $75 get a $10 gift card to use in my shop. Offer Valid from 11/19 - 11/26. ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》J E W E L R Y《 • • All of the jewelry I make is electroformed using 100% pure copper. You have the option at checkout to leave the copper as is (bright and shiny) or to add a patina which will turn the copper to a dark bronze color. All necklaces will come with a matching chain & your choice of length. If you have any questions feel free to send me a DM! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》T H A N K • Y O U《 • • Sending a huge thank you to everyone that checked out my shop update yesterday! In case you missed it I still have a handful of necklaces and rings looking for new homes and hundreds of crystals! As an added bonus - I am extending my FREE crystal gift offer with all orders until tomorrow! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》J E W E L R Y • U P D A T E《 • • Happy Halloween! Today's the day - less than 5 hours until all the new pieces in my collection are available to purchase in my shop. Comment your favorite emoji if you'd like a reminder when the shop is updated! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》C R Y S T A L • U P D A T E《 • • Surprise! I just finished adding 150 new crystals & a few new rings to my shop. All orders made in my shop today and tomorrow will get a special crystal treat in honor of my favorite holiday: Halloween. ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》C R Y S T A L • U P D A T E《 • • Surprise crystal update TODAY at 5pm EST. Along with over 100 new crystal babies I will also have 2 new sections in my shop: 1. Rough Crystals - this section includes all crystals that have not been altered in any way including being shaped and polished. 2. Aura Crystals - this section will include all aura treated crystals. In other news, my new jewelry collection drops tomorrow at 5pm EST! If you make an order today and an order tomorrow I will combine your orders and refund you the shipping overages. I cant wait to hear what you think! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》J E W E L R Y • U P D A T E《 • • Owl you ready for my jewelry update?! I haven't been this excited for an update in a long time. Set your alarms; the release is scheduled for October 31st at 5pm EST! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》J E W E L R Y • U P D A T E《 • • For those of you interested in my new jewelry collection: the release is scheduled for Halloween (October 31st) at 5pm EST! I will have approximately 20 one of a kind necklaces, including this quartz embellished third eye. If you've been keeping up with my story you've seen a few sneak peaks! I try my best to keep my prices as affordable as possible so these pieces will range from $35-$80 each. Do you plan on checking out the release on Wednesday?! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》A M E T H Y S T《 • • Who loves clusters? Raise your hand! This large amethyst cluster is over 5 inches long and weighs in at 1lb 3oz. If it calls to you you can find it in the crystal cluster section of my shop! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》W I P《 • • New collection coming soon! For those of you who don't know - I love the EDM community. I love the music, people & all the good vibes. I usually come up with new ideas when I'm listening to music and this collection is inspired by @jauzofficial new album: The Wise & the Wicked. Collection release date TBA but I'm thinking a Halloween Update would be perfect. Check out my story for sneak peaks on what will be in this collection!
• • 》DID • YOU • KNOW?《 • • I am open for custom jewelry orders! Custom orders give you the opportunity to pick the exact stone you want and have it turned into a necklace or ring in the size of your choice. I do not charge extra for custom orders, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that since they are made to order it can take 1-2 weeks before I finish your request and get it shipped out. DM me if you want to get started on a custom order. Otherwise check out my shop for all ready to ship items. . && incase you're wondering, this labradorite cabochon IS available for a custom order! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》O N E • O F • A • K I N D《 • • This alluring phantom smoky quartz & moonstone necklace is one of the many handmade jewelry pieces I have to ship! It comes with your choice of chain length and you can keep the copper as is or request a patina to turn the copper more of a bronze color. ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》S H O P • U P D A T E《 • • Since I've been so sick lately, rather than having 1 large shop update I will be adding new stuff to my shop all throughout the week! I just added 30+ new palm stones, including some gorgeous flashy labradorites! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
• • 》R A F F L E《 • • I'm still deciding whether to put this 3+lb rose quartz tower in my shop or hold a raffle for it here. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below! ♡ SHOP LINK IN BIO ♡
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