Tegan 🌱🌻

👦💚👦💙🐶 ∆ Family ∆ Source ∆ Nature ∆ Music ∆ Art

Sakura!! So pretty 😍🌸 #cherryblossom #sakura
These cute earrings were made by @emmawilliamsdesigns deliberately with a flat back so I could glue them onto plugs for my stretched ears. ADORABLE thank you 💛🌻 #buylocal #handmadejewelry
Poppy Rose with the goods for tomorrow 💗🌼🌹
I didn't get photos with everyone from my new circle.. But I did get a couple of snaps to look back on and really smile .. I will miss you Brisbane 💚🍸
Happy Birthday to me.. 35yrs earth side Going with the emotional flow life delivers me everyday. Blessings 🌻
So beautiful 🌻❤
Pretties from @heyposyphoto Maryborough 🌻💚
100% 💚
Tanzanite Liquid Crystals today.. Making me feel fab 💜 #liquidcrystals #nametrinity #tanzanite #alignment #innervibration
Libra New Moon Affirmation
Beautiful Dahlias
I am so bad for this!!! ... Some habbits are hard to break, as are emotional thought patterns imbedded from trauma. Loving positive affirmations every day are so important for me 💚 *you are deserving *you are receiving *you are loved #loa
Venus Retrograde
My faves, today at @poppyrosebrisbane so beautiful 🌻💛
Mostly I smile and just say "ooh you know, life" .. But this is me internally 💫🌙🔥🔮
How absolutely divine is this self portrait by @lauren.nova 🙏❤🍄
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