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Continued work at the site of the woven wood trellis. Almost done here. Just a couple gateway doors and an L-shaped bench to install.
Red cedar door that opens to the woven wood trellis. Nice work boys. This was a tricky one!
A little Sunday timberframing with and for my girl. It will be a greenhouse/garden office.
We finished the fence. On to gate roofs...
Rebuilt Japanese fence going up. We had to lower the new fence by about 10” to duck under the trees that have been growing here for over 100 years. We are keeping the original show panels and vertical fence boards from the old fence. Pretty amazing to see this history here.
@davidbrycewood securing the rebuilt post tops.
“Woven” wood trellis assembled and in place.
@coyotes.bones getting his groove on some large clear western red cedar posts. So much better than a damn router!
Moved in the companion to my t 45 planer yesterday. I love how closely the machines nest together. Somehow we got a bigger jointer and planer and have more space in the shop. Pretty slick. Thanks for the great machine @broadleafstudio !
Very proud to have this beautiful new machine in our shop. It’s the only modern planer I felt good about buying. Such amazing quality. #martinmachinery
We needed something to brace this 12’ tree limb support post against while we coped it to a stone. Fortunately we are rebuilding all the gate roofs along this fence line, so we had plenty of vertical space against this door header. Worked like a charm. Hopefully we’ll get the post under the limb today.
Slamming in the “keys”
Got it together!
Working on assembling our “woven” wood trellis. The pieces are all nested into one another to create enough room for the “keys” to be slid in. I’ll post more to explain. All charred cedar.
Some more shots of the gate. Redwood and western red cedar. The “artistic panel” is a piece of redwood driftwood that @sirjosephdirt and I have hung onto for a number of years. I think this was a good use. Thanks to all those involved in the creation of this gateway! #japanesewoodworking #redwood #westernredcedar #scallopedwood #driftwoodjoinery
Grapestake fence gate door installed. Still need to decide on a lock set. Happy to have this very drawn-out project nearing completion.
burning Discoe #woodburning
I’ll be teaching the timber framing portion of this workshop again this year. Join us for a great weekend up north.
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