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This is an amazing display. #netflixfysee
Showing the boys a good time. @kevin_pietila_photo @sojjphoto #netflixfysee
Shameless. #canttakemeanywhere
Happy Best Friends Day to this sleep drunk monster. #iprefercatstohumans
This show is phenomenal, but the second season just destroyed me. It’s such a perfect piece of television. I haven’t seen something like this in ages. It made me miss acting.
Me being a ham at #netflixfysee - I love this event so much! #wearenetflix @wearenetflix
I need to work on my flopping skills.
More #netflixfysee sneak peeks
It’s #netflixfysee time! I love our annual presentation for television academy voters. This is my first batch of photos - we got in a little early, ahead of the crowds! 💪🏼 @wearenetflix #wearenetflix
Daddy brought him breakfast in bed.
Husband hates photos, but this was too cute to pass up, so we compromised.
He asked to come up on the couch and hang out with me. Belly Rubs are his faaaaaaave. 💛
Caturday Life. Someone is enjoying a deep cuddle after her little middle of the night adventure (escaping on to our patio, which I discovered at 3am).
Don’t even try it, girl.
Hi Buddy. Thanks for hanging in there. 🧡
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