🇨🇦 93' @FlexPlexCanada New York Pro CP 2018🥇 @doyoueven | @macrofoods @protan_official | @official_otomix ONLINE COACHING↙️

Time for some much needed R&R in #Mexico , one week vacation with the wifey and then prep will officially start! I don’t need to be adding any bodyweight so still continuing 30-45 minutes fasted cardio in the morning on the beach and then I will train 1 body part per day low volume. #RgArmy #Motivated #MrOlympia2018
Classic Physique Loading... Conditioning 62% Waistline 74% Posing/Routine 33% Time to WORK. #112DaysOut @mrolympiallc #MrOlympia2018 #RgArmy @therealtechnician Thanks to @cjselitesuits for sending me this suit overnight to my hotel room one day before the competition😂🙏🏽
Since everyone keeps tagging us together, Did you know? @cbum and I have competed 3 times before in 2014 & 2015! I look forward to stepping on the @mrolympiallc stage with chris and representing CANADA! 🙏🏽🇨🇦 & @codydrobot the vacuum specialist on the right!! #tbt #CanadianNationals #MrOlympia #ClassicPhysique
What do you think I need to improve on to bring a more classic look to the Olympia stage?! #113DaysOut #ClassicPhysique #constructivecriticism @mrolympiallc If you don’t already, go follow @this_is_bodybuilding for legit bodybuilding coverage.
Classic Pro Debut Posing Routine Pt. 1 - I will admit my presentation / Posing routine wasn’t full of classical poses for my first show. This is a main focus for me leading into the Mr.Olympia contest as I want to display my physique in a classical form! #MrOlympia2018 #Posing #Classic 📷@mdozaphotography
It’s amazing how far you can go when someone believes in you. @victoriadariano #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork First show to Now 👉🏼 SWIPE 2014 Toronto Provincials 2015 Canadian Nationals 2016 Arnold Classic Amateur ( earned pro card) 2017 Vancouver Pro 2018 New York Pro Next stop! 2018 MR. OLYMPIA @canadianphysiquealliance @mrolympiallc @therealtechnician
Today back in the gym fasted cardio and a low volume arm workout to get some blood moving and send the extra post show treats to the muscles! Heading out to Mexico Wednesday for a week to spend some time with the wifey @victoriadariano as prep can be rather selfish at times it’s nice that we will be able to spend a week together alone enjoying some beautiful weather good food and just relaxing! I’m lucky she is so supportive of my dreams and allows me to put my head down and work when I get deep into prep..those of you dating or with another competitor knows what I’m talking about ✊ When I return I will officially start my prep for the 2018 @mrolympiallc contest at 104 Days Out. Excited is an understatement.. I can’t wait for this. #RgArmy #ClassicPhysique #TeamAceto @therealtechnician
When people don’t know their purpose they hate you for living yours. When chasing a dream there will be haters, naysayers and non believers but at the end of the day all that matters is you do what makes you happy in life! #DreamChasing #MrOlympia2018 #ClassicPhysique @mrolympiallc
Posing 1 day out from the New York pro with coach @therealtechnician & @zanewatson_ifbb + his little man and some Family! 😄🙏🏽 #RgArmy #NewYorkPro2018 #ClassicPhysique
NEW YORK PRO 2018 @bevsgym | Swipe right to see Official Scorecard! 👉🏼
Bodybuilding is ART. I’m so happy I’ve made the switch to this category, time to sculpt and bring up body parts to represent my very best classic physique in 115 days. @mrolympiallc #RgArmy #ClassicPhysique
CELEBRATORY MEAL TODAY😍@capripizzapasta ..found this gem in New York Thursday when I was grabbing groceries for peak week and had to save it for post show!! Check it out SWIPE to see this epic meal!! 👉🏼👉🏼😍😍
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