Alejandra Gómez

12 años Me gusta lo difícil Me atrae lo complicado y Me enamoró de lo imposible 💔❤️

You are what is not mine, but I do not want it to be from someone else 💔🍍🥰❤️😘
¿More beatiful than me? Are there ♥️ ¿More intelligent? A lot ♥️¿More loving? Every time ♥️¿Who loves you like me? Good luck♥️♥️🤩
It does not bother me that people speak ill of me , usually dogs bark when they do not know people ♥️👌😍
It's not worth clinging to something that hurts you , just because it makes you smile from time to time
the bad thing about my dark side is that it clears up when I get ❤️😍❤️
Fingir que no duele duele el doble 💔💔❤️
Te amooo felices 3 añitos
Felices xv ❤️❤️
Los amo ❤️❤️❤️❤️