i took a lot of pictures today
saturdays are for the gorls
i love my lil beeela
pic creds @britlee
so my freezer has good lighting
rain or shine🌦
i’m super pumped for this year, god has big plans #sister
summer 2k18 bois
i’m so incredibly grateful for these people and this experience. i have grown in my relationship with god, made long lasting friendships, and grown my understanding on the bible. thank you so much to the amazing leaders that made this month the best month of my life
one wild ride. #peaceoutcurtis
This year has changed me in ways I can’t explain. I’ve learned so much about theology, creation, and my faith. I’ve learned to keep myself accountable for the things I do, and have matured myself while doing it. This school year has been rough but DOLLS has been one thing I always look forward to. I’ve grown my relationship with some amazing women at headquarters, my 4 sisters in christ, and most importantly jesus. Being president of this organization has humbled me so much throughout the year and I’m so glad god put this in his will for me. <3
best friend till the end💞
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