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At first, this photo by @laceybooklovers gave me all the warm feels and vibes 😍 But then I experienced a cold shock! Geez... look how many people live in my brain!! And there are so many more 😳 I wonder, how many books do you think I’ll end up writing when all is said and done? I’m at ~25 now, so... are we thinking 50? 100?!?!!! Yikes! #authorsofinstagram #bookstagram #geekygirls #geekgirls #indiepublishing #indiepub #indieauthor #booklove #newrelease #newbook
TIME is FINALLY alive and available all across the internets 🎉🙌😭 The last 10 months have been intense, both personally and professionally. I've done a lot of living, but I've done a lot of hiding, too. Mona and Abram have been a constant source of escape and solace. When life has been overwhelming, they've been there to lift me up and see me through. Abram's gentle kindness and Mona's artless sweetness have been like a balm to my soul. To say I love these characters deeply would be a gross understatement. I love them. I treasure them. I miss them. I've already re-read the final/published versions of these books twice since April 1st. I hope you all enjoy the conclusion to their story, but if not that’s okay too ❤️
It is #winstonwednesday y’all and I am DEEP in the writing cave writing Claire’s book! 🐓💔🍩 It’s full of feels, therefore I hope you’re all ready for the feels because they’re coming whether you want them or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Pro-tip: you can read the first chapter of Claire’s book in the back of TIME 🤭 I have been planning and plotting the Cozy Mystery series AND the Green Valley series. Which book are you most looking forward to that’s coming out of Green Valley? You can already pre-order Beard with Me and Beard Necessities on all platforms, links are in my bio 🙌
Penny Confession: I cannot stop thinking about writing this book 😍 I’m so excited to start a new series and spend time with these characters. Is anyone else excited about this new series?! Who is your favorite Jane Austen heroine? 💕✨Only a few more months until you can read this, let the torture of waiting commence 😂 You can add Pride and Dad Jokes to your Goodreads shelf now, link is in my bio 🙌
It was sunny, so of course we go outside to knit. LOLOL 🧶 What are y’all doing today? Anyone reading something new?? 😬 #sunnyseattle #sunnyseattledays #sunnyinseattle ☀️ #knitting
This isn’t an April Fools Joke people, TIME is available on @applebooks today! I only sent out 5 ARCs for TIME and that was it. I severely limited the last book in the trilogy for a few reasons. But now Mona and Abram are out in the wild without me, continuing their story on their own. It’s hard to say goodbye to characters when I’ve watched them grow and change and become. I’m proud of these two... My babies are all grown up 😭 💕🕰 This is totally normal to be attached to characters, right? You can grab TIME on Apple Books today, link is in my bio! It will release on all other platforms on April 15th 🙌
What fictional characters do you always carry with you?? It’s so crazy to me that many of you will be reading the last part of Abram and Mona’s story tomorrow when TIME releases early on @applebooks I keep thinking about writing another scene for these two, and then another, and another. I always miss my characters when they’re gone (except Cletus, because he never leaves) but these two I think will hold a special place in my heart. #monaandabram #lawsofphysics #completeseries #bookstagram #bookworm #bookobsessed #bookobsession #pennyreid #geekyromance #nerdromance
I’m tagged in posts using this quote from ‘Beard in Mind’ often. And sometimes I’m not tagged, I just stumble across it. This time it was in actress Candice Patton’s Instagram story. As I’ve mentioned before, these words are not mine. I heard a grandmother say them to her granddaughter when I was in Tennessee, attending one of the jam sessions on a Friday night. The words made an impact, and I often thought about how to best apply them to my life. My impression is: most kind hearted folks have this instinct, even though we get burned time and time again. I wonder why we do that. 🤔 Photo credit: Candice Patton via Instagram
So it has come to this... I FINALLY finished TIME!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I’m in a glass case of emotions. This book didn’t want to end and these characters wouldn’t let me stop writing. As a result, TIME is around 70K words 😳 Therefore, I hope you’re all thoroughly prepared for the end of Mona and Abram’s story. TIME releases 2 weeks early exclusively on Apple Books. It will release on all other platforms on April 15th pre-order links are in my bio 🙌 And thus, I die 🤗
✨✨CLOSED✨✨ ❤️ ADD THESE SIGNED PAPERBACKS TO YOUR SHELF ❤️ GAH! I’m pretty much obsessed with these new covers from @quirkybird and I demand you look at them! LOOK 👀 They’re so beautiful and they could be all yours. If anyone wants to add these pretty signed paperbacks to their bookshelf at home just 👍 and let me know if you prefer tacos or pizza 🌮🍕 Oh! And make sure you check out @quirkybird on Instagram 😍🦉❤️
It’s about that time for... Well, TIME! If you’re tired of the torture waiting for TIME, I have an exciting announcement. You can grab TIME 2 weeks early exclusively on @applebooks 🎉🤗 That means you can conclude Mona and Abram’s story on April 1st 💙💙💙 It will release on all other platforms on April 15th! I may or may not have an exclusive excerpt over on my blog, link is in my bio 🙌 I cannot wait for all of you to read this book. I love this trilogy. Is anyone waiting for all three to be out before they dive into the series? I am curious 🧐
What is your instinct when someone tells you to ‘act natural ‘? When we did the “photo shoot” for my head shots, @khayesphotos got some candid (I.e. the many faces of Penny) photos. This one was taken right after she said “Act natural.” 😂 I can’t tell you how many times people in my life have told me to act natural, which immediately makes me want to do the robot 🤖 #actnatural #candid #dotherobot #authorsofinstagram #photoshoot
Which of my characters do you want to see get a story about their wedding day? One of the best/most fun things about writing TIME was visiting with Matt and Marie on their wedding day... y’all, Matt is completely blissed out in love with Marie. 😍 I love seeing people I love so happy (even if they’re fictional 😂) #amwriting #lawsofphysics #comingsoon #crossover #bookstagram #booklove #booknerd #knittinginthecity #authorsofinstagram #indieauthor #datingish #mattandmarie #abramandmona
SPACE is live everywhere as of right now! Who is reading it?!!?!! Who is waiting for TIME to release in April? We’ve had some gorgeous days in Seattle (sunny and 55) and after a month of snowpocolypse conditions we took The Laws Of Physics out for a walk on the beach to get some pretty #bookstagram shots. But, of course, since I’m a goofy person, I tried to recreate some “classic Instagram poses” and you know what? They actually turned out great! No wonder folks do that hand-behind-the-ear-looking-at-the-ground-casually pose. It’s a winner. 👍 #newrelease #outnow #outtoday #lawsofphysics #booklove #authorsofinstagram #booknerd #geekgirls #nerdyheroine #geekygirls #newrelease #newbooks #newbook #nerdyromance #geekyromance #womeninSTEM
Imma be honest. Fiona and I had chicken tiki masala tonight, and then got tipsy (cough*drunk*cough) on champagne, maybe it’s because it’s the night before a book release? Maybe because I needed an excuse to tell her she’s a winning lobster... whatever the reason! tomorrow SPACE releases. Poetry, feels, more poetry, and uncertainty make me want to tell y’all that I know how blessed I am. I know it. And, damn it, you should know it, too!! Thank God for you. Thank God y’all want to read my books. Thank God y’all aren’t tired of me yet. ❤️❤️ Also. thank God for tacos. Go. Read. Enjoy. And know I count myself as one of the lucky ones because you’re in my life. ❤️ Penny
Who is your favorite Jane Austen hero??? I feel like Colonel Brandon gets a bad wrap (not that you asked...) but, think about it! He’s a romantic soul, with a sensitive heart, and beautifully generous spirit. Of course, in my version, Brandon will be a woman, and Marianne will be a man, and both shenanigans and henanigans will ensue. 😁 🥰 😏#janeausten #janeaustenretelling #comingsoon #pennyreid #idealmanseries #amwriting #amwritingausten #bookstagram #bookish #booknerd #booklove #authorsofinstagram #indieauthor
I think I found Hank Weller’s house on Bandit Lake #tennessee #winstonbrothers
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