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PSSSSSSST... I have some exciting SUNDAY news, well at least I think it’s exciting. If you’re around tonight at 8:30PM EST I will be doing a live video in the @auralfixationfb group! ❤️ You could potentially add these Elements of Chemistry audiobooks to your collection OR an audiobook copy of The Hooker and the Hermit 🎧 I’ll be answering questions about audiobooks, being an author, making pancakes, the usual. Come watch me be a weirdo and ask me about my audiobooks and/or the socks I’m wearing 👍Link to join the group is in my bio. How many of you are audiobook listeners? What was the last audiobook you listened to? Do you have a favorite narrator? 🤔
Anyone want to come over for breakfast? 😂 So, this is what happened: the youngest had a fever last night, she and I stayed home from mass this morning because I was up and down with her (as one does). When I woke up, I thought it would be nice to make my family breakfast for when they returned. I make pancakes and bacon and such, and 10:30 rolls around... no family. I check my phone. Mr. Reid has taken the kids out to breakfast so I can sleep, which brings me to now and my plethora of pancakes 🥞 This is not the first time we’ve “gift of the magi-ed“ each other in the last 17 years, and I suspect (until I get better at checking my phone) it won’t be the last. I guess I’ll be here signing books and eating pancakes all day if anyone wants some (pancakes! Not signed books...) ❤️
"He sounded so serene, even-tempered, that’s how I knew he wasn’t. I couldn’t look away from those reproachful blue flame irises, burning me from the inside out with things spoken and unspoken, years of intimacy and distance, memories I both treasured and wished desperately to forget. . ." 😮😮😮 #AmWriting Billy and Claire’s Christmas scene y’all. I hoped you’re all ready, because those Winston boys are back! And they’re infiltrating my newsletter! And they brought donuts 🍩 Wouldn’t it be great if the Winston’s showed up at your door with a box of donuts? DONUT miss this newsletter people (see what I did there?) Link to subscribe is in my bio 🙌 Also if you’re an eager beaver, you can already pre-order Billy and Claire’s books, links are also in my bio ❤️
The Holidays are upon us 😮 I can’t believe we are already in December... Is everyone out there ready for the holidays? Who asked for a Winston Brother for Christmas?! I’m working on Billy and Claire’s exclusive Christmas scene and I CANNOT WAIT for you all to read it 😍 I’m having so much fun over here, you all don’t even know. The torture will be over, SOON! Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on the Winston Christmas Extravaganza headed your way. If you need something to hold you over, I wrote an exclusive Christmas scene featuring Diane and Repo called Beard in Waiting ❤️ the link to read is in my bio 🙌
I love writing New Adult. THERE! I said it. Mr. Reid and I were discussing why I love writing for this age group and I think I decided it’s because the stakes feel SUPER high because the characters don’t know any better. The characters don’t *usually* understand/ can’t comprehend what actual high stakes are, like sick children, a sick spouse, the potential for losing one’s house if a job is lost. These characters get to experience the strength of feeling without the steep stakes. MOTION was exactly what I needed to write this summer and fall. The highest pure highs of a first love. The deepest, darkest lows of a first devastating heart break. Discovering how to laugh at yourself, discovering that the world is fundamentally flawed, and that’s okay... because we are all flawed. I’ve written on this topic before, but there is such beauty to be found in what the world tells us are flaws... as an aside, I’ve grown to love my nose over the last two years. It’s how I can always find myself in pictures. 🤣 #amwriting #indieauthor #motion #lawsofphysics #booklove #newadult
Tomorrow is the last day to order from the Penny Reid Ninja store and have your order arrive by December 25th! As a reminder the store will be closed from December 10th-January 7th ❤️ I don’t want any one missing out on Winston Brothers coozies or coloring books... Perhaps consider purchasing them for your neighbor, or mail man, or even grandma. Link to the Ninja store is in my bio 🙌 Is any one out there ready for the Christmas scene featuring Billy and Claire yet??? I can’t wait for you all to read it 😬 Keep an eye out, because it will be here before you know it... However, prepare thyselves for the ANGST 💔😆
My only crime was that I’m down to clown... It’s Monday and I’m more down to clown than usual! I’ve been receiving more messages than usual about Martin and Kaitlyn lately. Apparently many of you feel very strongly about them as a couple 😂 If you have no idea what the heckerino I’m talking about, you can read ATTRACTION for #FREE in the Winter Night’s Box Set (you can also read 9 other free stories!) Link is in my bio 👆I think you’re all going to love Mona and Abram too, but don’t take my word for it read the first two chapters of MOTION on my blog! Link to read those is in my bio ❤️
It’s a very sneaky ninja edition of #socksunday this week ❤️🖤 ❤️ Did you know that I have a Zazzle store full of Penny Reid t-shirts and other goodies?! I recently added a “if they don’t learn about welding at home, they’ll learn about it on the streets” shirt to the store! Link is in my bio 🙌 Oh, Greg. What will we do with you? Speaking of Greg, a discussion in my reader group came up over everyone’s favorite of my heroes and their similarities to their real life significant others... So now I must know for science, which of my heroes are your favorites? Do they share any similarities with your significant other or your preference in partners? 🧐
‘Tis the season for Winston Brothers! ❤️❤️❤️ Something about the holidays always feels like it needs more Winston family interactions... Therefore I’ll be releasing an exclusive Christmas scene featuring Billy and Claire this month! If you want an exclusive sneak peek of the scene I read an excerpt on Facebook Live yesterday 😮 Link to watch the video is in my bio! 👍 As a reminder, yes I live to torture you all (Muahahaha) AND you can pre-order both Beard With Me and Beard Necessities all across ye vast interwebs, links are in my bio! I’M SO EXCITED AND I WON’T APOLOGIZE 🤩
I have some (sad? disappointing?) news. The Knitting in the City pattern book (my collaboration with Heather from Highland Handmades) is being pushed back to August 2019 ☹️ I don’t want to release a rushed product, and it’s important to me that the quality of this book be SUPER DUPER FANTASTICO! I’m so sorry for this change of plans, I hope you all understand, but no worries if you don’t. As a sign of gratitude for your patience, I’ve added the knitted hearts pillow project to Ravelry and made it available for you on my blog. 💕❤️💕 Link is in my bio to the pattern. Go get your knit on! How many of you out there are knitters? Crocheters? What kind of crafts do you partake in, if you’re crafty I want to hear about it! 🧶👌
Self care begins and ends with wine🍷Today, I relate to this crow more than I’d care to admit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s Thursday which means it’s almost Friday AND it’s #throwbackthursday so I shall be throwing it back to the Elements of Chemistry trilogy 👨‍🔬❤️👩‍🔬🧪 This trilogy released in 2015 and I can’t believe it’s been that long!! Time flies when you’re having offspring/moving across the country/planning world domination. I can say that I’m so excited to be writing in this series again and I’m SO excited for you all to read Mona and Abram’s story. In case you missed it, you can read the first two chapters of MOTION on my blog. Link is in my bio 🖖 How many of you found my weirdo books through this trilogy? If not this trilogy, how did you find me!? I always find it interesting to know how my readers found my strange books 📚📚📚
It is #WinstonWednesday y’all! I think this might be one of my favorite days of the week (for obvious reasons) I always feel the urge to bake a pie, or eat a doughnut... Then again I feel like that almost every day 🥧🍩 I’m plotting and planning Beard With Me, and it. is. SAD. Just throwing that out there now. On a lighter note, I’m still working on drawing my map of Green Valley for the Smartypants Romance authors! It makes Green Valley feel very real ❤️ Has everyone out there listen to all the Winston Brother’s audiobooks yet? Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget that Dr. Strange Beard is available on audiobook! Link is in my bio👍 How are you celebrating Winston Wednesday? 🧐
HARK! It’s Tuesday. Which means that somewhere in the world someone is eating tacos 🌮 and it also means it is #teasertuesday ! I wanted to remind all of you lovely readers out there that you can read the first two chapters of MOTION in my blog! Link to read is in my bio 🖖 you can also pre-order MOTION all across the interwebs. Has anyone read the chapters?! Is anyone excited about this trilogy? I’m having the most fun writing it, I won’t lie. Mona is such a nerd... I love it 😍
Seize the data people! Also seize the pastries and the tea because I’m holed up in the writing cave 🥐☕️ I have come out of hiding to tell you a couple of things. First, you can grab signed paperback copies of Neanderthal Seeks Extra Yarns in the Ninja Shop! Second, the last day to place an order in the Ninja store and have it arrive by December 25th is December 5th!!! The Ninja store will be closed December 10th-January 7th! We have signed coloring books, cookies for your uncle, magnets for your grandma 👵 Link is in my bio 👍 Back into the writing cave I go, if you need me just say my name three times in the mirror and I’ll appear...maybe
Sup, nerds? 🖖 It’s #socksunday and I’m celebrating accordingly by... you know, wearing socks. I’m also drinking tea, finishing Laws of Physics, and plotting scenes from Beard With Me and Beard Necessities. Cletus is of course around, being judgey, doing Cletus things. I hope you’re all ready for me to inundate you with disclaimers about Billy and Claire’s books... I’ll at least try to wait until 2019! Speaking of which I can’t believe this year is almost over 😳 Next year is going to be chock full of releases people! Stay in the know by subscribing to my newsletter! Link is in my bio 🦉 (also, the November newsletter hasn’t been sent yet, so you can still subscribe before it arrives!)
For those of you who make cookies, what are your favorites? We are elbows deep in making Christmas cookies! My daughter wanted to take a break, so like any good parent I said no and forced her to decorate a new legion of gingerbread men (not to be confused with gingerbeard men). #buildscharacter My grandma used to make this particular type of cookie with mini marshmallows and melted chocolate, but I can’t find the recipe, nor do I remember the name. #whompwhomp so if that sounds familiar to anyone, let me know!! #cookies #christmascookies #bookstagram #indieauthor #indieauthorsofinstagram #bookobsessed #bookstagrammer #booknerd #bookish
Mr. Reid told me I make funny faces when I write and often talk to myself. I did not believe him, so he told me to record myself (time elapsed) so I could see. This was a few weeks ago and I just did it this afternoon... so, he’s correct. 🤪 This short segment is from the beginning of the recording, where I was still somewhat aware of being recorded. The later part of the recording—where I start talking—has been burned. #amwriting #amwritingfiction #amwritingromcom #pennyreid #lawsofphysics #authorsofinstagram #indieauthor #indieauthors #indieauthorsofinstagram
Y’all know how I love this Turkish TV awesomeness @erkenci.kus ? Because the acting and comedic timing are perfection, the writing is spectacular, and the whole cast is #castinggoals ? Welllll, a few of my super brilliant and beautiful readers (@mivero18 @fourforyouglencocoo @demisbitchh ) visited the set and surprised me with a video of the talented cast and crew saying hi. Aren’t they adorable?? So gracious and sweet to their fans. And my readers are THE BEST!!! #bestreadersintheworld ! In case there was ever any doubt. In conclusion: Watch #erkencikuş if you love funny and romantic, it’s the best show in the world. ❤️
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