"BeStrong and be prayerful" "Akeredolu's collection" Funaabite🎒 FC Barcelona

Asia 🍒
"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me."
"The easiest part is the leaving. The hardest part is teaching yourself not to go back to what's comfortable; to teach yourself that you don't need him. The hardest part is teaching yourself not to run back to the arms that broke you, even when it’s 2am and you think you won't make it through the night unless you talk to him. People leave all the time because it’s the easiest part. The hardest part is to teach yourself to stay gone."🥀
" There were times when you held on so tightly that your fingers went numb. You invested so much of yourself into those things that were yours to let go, they would take a part of you away. You need to learn to let go. Pieces of you don’t go missing when you step away from things. Sometimes you’ll even find more of yourself when those elements go missing. Do you trust yourself enough?"
B L U E C H E E S E 🧀
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