Rida Mazhar 🌿

Media Student Snapchat: ridamazhar

look forward to better days.🍂
Shades of green.🌿 #ridamazharphotography
Will i ever stop posting pictures from this shoot, the answer is no. Jk.🍇 // #ridamazharphotography
// there isn't anything like the feeling of being content with yourself. ~🍂 #ridamazharphotography
One of my favorites // Maheen.🍂 #ridamazharphotography
Portraits for A.🍁 #ridamazharphotography
Afternoons. // Amber.🍁 #ridamazharphotography
Anousheh.🍃 #ridamazharphotography
All the happy vibes. // farewell. #ridamazharphotography
Simple grace. // farewell.
Pretty people everywhere // farewellshoot. #ridamazharphotography
She's beautiful and she knows it. // Haya. #ridamazharphotography
f r i e n d s // farewell shoot.
Thanks for the memories // farewell shoot.
and when she's being herself, she looks beautiful. // farewell shoot.
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