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Ristina Rodriguez Stylist ✂ +🎨=🌈 [NEWbies Welcome] Mama to #MateoRosco 💍 @greg_victory Co-Owner @victoryinktattoo Food & Adventure Lover

Happy Zombie Day from the Rodriguez Fam!! 🐰 We had 2 hunts today w/ lots of cousin love & baby Zoa's 1st Easter! 💛
Hand painted Balayage on this beautiful soul @anyssa89 ❤ . #ristinavictoryhair #tangelohair
Heavy Highlight + Cut on this beautiful lady @johannaofvisions . 🔆 Bobs & Blonding are my JAM! . #ristinavictoryhair #btconeshot19_platinum #btconeshot19_boblob
Babylights/Cut on my SIL @nickyrod717 that's my new Nephew in her belly! ❤ . #ristinavictoryhair
Here is the 2nd (last) session color correction on Jordan @descendentoflove. Swipe thru, she started with TEAL! . I love when I can be a 'mad scientist'. Come @ me w/your color corrections! . #ristinavictoryhair #btconeshot19_colortransformation
Baby lights + Root smudge On Loren @loce0328 🌞 time to start that summer glow up!! . #ristinavictoryhair #btconeshot19_warmbalayage
Throw back to some lived in Foilayage + textured bob for @xox_mjs ❤ . #ristinavictoryhair #btconeshot19_warmbalayage
Creating soft 'lives in' color will forever be my jam. And so will client/friends like this beautiful soul @agoldenkindalove . #ristinavictoryhair #btconeshot19_warmbalayage
Client Friends that let me do 'what I do' are the golden ones! 💛 Balayage + Babylights on this sweet lady @lovecharla . #btconeshot19_warmbalayage #ristinavictoryhair
Yep. Still in love with this blue. duh. 🌧 . @unicorns_can_groom my fav unicorn! Need your pet groomed? Check her out! 🐕 . #ristinavictoryhair #btconeshot19_vibrant
TRANSFORMATION ALERT!! 🚨 . Jordan @descendentoflove wanted to go back to a natural tone for an upcoming event. I told her it could take 3 sessions. (Do you know 1 of the HARDEST colors to get out of hair?! TEAL!!!) Except it wasnt?! 1 session... 1 SESSION!! Now she has this beautiful rooted blonde! Nuts. . Moral of this story is, color correction outcomes can be a mystery & MOST of the time take lots of work! Chemistry. Mad science skills & PATIENCE. Other times you luck out & its a fucking dream!! Jordan will come back in a couple weeks for a fresh up (which is recommended for all high process blondes) I love busting out my mad sceince skills. More of this! 😻 . Ps. In case you're wondering- Color corrections can range from $85-$100 per hr. This was around 3.5hrs. . #ristinavictoryhair #btconeshot19_colortransformation
Sexy man. Sexy man! Here's my Hubs @greg_victory In for is bi-yearly haircut. 🤣❤ . #ristinavictoryhair #btconeshot19_mens
Baby lights to get it blonde & still have a low maintenance grow out . 😻 . #ristinavictoryhair #tangelohair
How beautiful is Dayana @dayanapugmire w/ her new fringe & layered haircut?! 😻 . Idk if you could tell buuut... I love cutting me some fringe! Style: @davinesnorthamerica Volume mousse @ the roots Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid thru ends. Finished w/ Oil Non Oil @hottoolspro for curl
NEW Razor choppy bangs & a lil trimmy trim for Liz @3drazil . Using her natural texture I styled her with @davinesnorthamerica Volume Mousse & Curl Serum. Then blow dried w/ a diffuser. Finished with Oil Non Oil. . She does her own color & I'm pretty jealous of all of it. 😍 . #ristinavictoryhair #tangelohair
Keep your liner sharp & your A Line bobs even sharper! 🖤 . Razor + Shears used for this fun cut! . #ristinavictoryhair #tangelohair
Had to #repost this pic of the ever cute Phoebe @thedressfiend for @articleconsignment. We chopped off her hair for the 1st time & did the always classic heavy highlight. 😻 Sass to the MAX! . #ristinavictoryhair #tangelosalon
Hello, I am Ristina & I am Disney obsessed. Also obsessed with this kid who is also obsessed with all that is Disney too. We rode & snacked so hard! Rain or shine but def never on a weekend! 💛 . #MateoRosco #disneyland #disneylove
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