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Cinema 4D PH-CEB I do these artworks to continuously learn. rjdelc@gmail.com

SUNDAY DRIVE // 11.9.18
POWER // 11.6.18
BP // 11.4.18
ADRIFT // 11.2.18
HALLOWEEN // 11.1.18
BYTE // 11.1.18
SILENCE // 11.1.18 Needed a wallpaper for my phone so I made this.
21 // 8.12.18 Actually made this last year during my birth day that's why it kinda looked different from the few posts I've made this year. I've been inactive since March because my video card got broken and I still haven't been able to replace it. Also it's my 21st birthday today! 😁🎉🎂🍰 Thanks to everyone who greeted me! 💙
GALLARDO // 3.12.18 My first take on proper use of HDRI and Backplates in Cinema 4D. HDRI from HDRI Haven Gallardo 3D model by edson
HITCH // 2.15.18
SYNAPSE // 1.28.18
ANARCHY // 1.12.18
This marks an end to my Artourism project. Here are some real life images of the tourist spots. I hope you enjoyed the project. 🙂
MARABUT TOOTH ROCK FORMATION, SAMAR - ABOUT THE ATTRACTION: The Marabut Tooth Rock Formation is a rock formation that belongs to the Madung-badong group of islets from Samar. It is a natural wonder that stands out for its unique, towering hour-glass structure. It is one of the many rock formations in the town of Marabut that greets the town’s visitors, a distinctive sign that they are near the town’s vicinity. The rock formations are just minutes away from the coastline of Marabut, and is ideal for island hopping, swimming, scuba diving and even rock climbing. - MEANING OF THE ARTWORK: This depicts the story of the Marabut Tooth Rock Formation dropping from the skies and onto the tranquil waters. It shows how the alluring rock formation came into Samar as it was dropped from the heavens by the gods. And in our realm, this once nondescript rock has risen and stood to become magnificent, unique, and unearthly.
IMELDA’S CAVE, PANGASINAN - ABOUT THE ATTRACTION: The Imelda’s Cave is a cave inside one of the islands of the Hundred Islands National Park. The island was named after the late former President Ferdinand Marcos and the cave was named after his wife, Imelda. Tourists can experience the bright blue waters of the cave’s natural pool. They can also cliff dive as shallow waters fill the pool, and it is also perfect for those who prefer water activities without the need of getting exposed to direct sunlight. - MEANING OF THE ARTWORK: This shows a beam of light coming from the waters of the cave, artistically exaggerating how beautiful the bright blue waters naturally light up the cave.
PUERTO PRINCESA SUBTERRANEAN RIVER NATIONAL PARK, PALAWAN - ABOUT THE ATTRACTION: The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is an underground river located in the western coast of Palawan. The park was a candidate for the New Seven Wonders of Nature. It was then officially named as a one of the wonders in 2012. The river passes through an 8.2-kilometer cave which then flows directly to the West Philippine Sea. The river was considered as the world’s longest underground river until it was surpassed by an underground river discovery in Mexico in 2007. The national park is well protected to maintain its cave systems and to preserve its untouched beauty. - MEANING OF THE ARTWORK: It illustrates the current state of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park through the symbolic image of a gem. The underground river is like an untouched and a well-preserved gem. The alluring beauty of the river shines among the rest, like a precious treasure, an exercise in beauty from all angles.
RIZAL PARK, MANILA - ABOUT THE ATTRACTION: The Rizal Park, is an iconic and historical urban park found in the heart of Manila. Located in Roxas Boulevard, it has been a huge part of the Philippine history as this was where Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, was executed via firing squad by the Spaniards, hence the name Rizal Park. The park was established way back on 1820, then on 1901, the Rizal Monument was built. Until this day, the Rizal Park represents as an icon to the nationhood and freedom movement of the Filipinos. - MEANING OF THE ARTWORK: This depiction conveys a post-apocalyptic era where everything is wiped out besides the Rizal Monument, which still stands strong and perfectly intact. This symbolizes the imperative need for Filipinos to honor and embody Jose Rizal's legacy, especially it times when the country faces a multitude of troubles and challenges.
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