Rachael Kennedy

food | doggos | the postman ✖️@themyercentre ✖️@twoplumppeacocks

Sunday vibes ☁️ @erinncook
Free flowing 🍹
Celebrating two of the best 🥂 @christiesutherl @sirluciushan
Syd spam 🌿
Sunday best 🥂
A day with the best 💕
Sparkle sparkle ✨
White girl wears white ☁️
Just a quiet weekend in Sydney, he said 💦✈️
Permanently salty 🐚
Rise and shine ☕️
It takes an army 👊🏼 #ShopBNECity
If you didn’t get a photo on the steps did you even visit Rae’s?
Rae bae 💫
Never met a spritz I didn’t like 🍹
Wondering if we’re about to get rained on. Spoiler: we did ⚡️
Situation 👌🏼
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