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I HAVE A CONFESSION...!!! I have a (((LOVE/HATE))) relationship with Instagram. ___ Instagram has helped me connect with some of the most beautiful people in Los Angeles. I have no words to describe the level of gratitude. ___ I have met people from all over the world...literally. People that captured my heart with their love. People that made feel loved and valuable. People that has made my journey in this huge city feel like HOME. Because of them, because of you, I am grateful. I am grateful for the connections that Instagram has allowed me to build. It truly works. ___ But I hate the time and energy that has to be put into it. I hate how addictive it can be. Also, Instagram drains my energy levels! Anybody with me on this??? Instagram at times can be a waste of time. ___ Anyways, all this to say... I am taking a break. I never taken a break from Instagram since the beginning of the year. My soul is desperately asking me for it. So if you need me, my phone number and email is in connected to my profile. If you need, please shout out to me personally. I would love to hear from you. ___ I don’t know for how long it will be. But I’ll be back. Thank you all for your love and support. See you soon! . . . . . . . . #robertotorresla #robertohairapy #hairapy #hairapywithroberto #organicsalon #hairsalon #hair #haircut #losangeles #losangeleshairstylist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillssalon #beverlyhillsstylist #crustaceanbeverlyhills #hollywood #hollywoodwalkoffame #hollywoodsign #moviestars #beverlyhillsrestaurant #beverlyhillshotel #beverlyhills90210 #beverlyhillsrealestate #losangelesartist #losangeles_city #losangelesart #losangelesfashion #losangelesphotographer #rodeodrive #hollywoodhair
Last day at @gavertatelier ! Grateful for the opportunity that was given to me for the time being. When my family and I first came to Los Angeles, I went to a couple of different salons looking for a job and because I didn’t have a clientele in this city I was turned away. But not @yukistylist. He gave me a chance and took a risk when no one did. He believed in me when others didn’t. ___ Now is time to embark in a new journey to a different salon! I am excited for the future! Bring it on! . . . . . . . #robertotorresla #robertohairapy #hairapy #hairapywithroberto #hairsalon #hair #haircut #motivation #losangeles #losangeleshairstylist #losangeleshair #losangeleshairsalon #beverlyhills #beverlyhillssalon #beverlyhillsstylist #beverlyhillshair #beverlyhillshairsalon #hope #future #motivation #inspiration #love #life #writer #publicspeaker #hollywoodhair #hollywoodsign #motivationalspeaker #blogger #goals
You ever had a dream of becoming someone or doing something that never became a real? What about the dreams that did turned into a reality, only to discover that it was more a nightmare than a dream? I know I’ve been in both scenarios and it is not an easy experience to navigate. Especially if you were so in love with the idea that when the time came to let go, it felt more like a bad breakup than a love story. ___ As a creative person and an artist, I have a rule in life: NEVER STOP DREAMING & CREATING. Imagination and creativity are not an option. They are a lifestyle. We were created to create. It’s part of our DNA. ___ Over the years I’ve learned two things: 1) Sometimes, even though you let go of a dream, the dream will not let go of you. There are dreams that you are meant to live, no matter the cost. But, in the process you will experience disappointments, failures and pain. Despite all of that, they will keep coming back to you, reminding you of your purpose in life. 2) Dreams that don’t become reality, become a platform. If we let them, those dreams will change from a stumbling block to a stepping stone. They will take you higher and they will make you better. They will be a filter that purifies your journey by directing your steps into a higher/better direction. ___ With this being said; here’s my encouragement. Dare to dream big while holding loose to your dreams. Because the ones you are meant to live will not let go of you, even if you let go of them. But the ones that won’t make it through your journey, they will push you higher. They will make you better. They will make you stronger. They will point you in the right direction. And they will show you where to go next. ___ DARE TO DREAM. DREAMS ARE THE OXYGEN TO A GREATER FUTURE.
“What made you move to LA?” That’s a question I get to answer on a daily basis. I think most people are expecting me to say something like, to become a famous hairdresser, or to work with Hollywood stars, maybe to make my dreams come through and lots of money. All of those are good. But my answer is much simpler. - LOVE - We fell in love with LA so much that we decided to risk everything; knowing that there was no guarantee of success on the other side. ___ Have you ever loved so much that you felt compelled to risk everything? ___ When we bought a one-way ticket for a family of 4, with no guarantees of a job, no place to live and no money saved; we knew exactly what we we’re doing. We were choosing love. ___ When you choose love, you open yourself to many possibilities. Some are good, others are painful. You can’t never know unless you choose to risk. And even though there’s no guarantee of success when you choose love, there’s something we can know for sure. ___ When you choose to risk everything for love, you are already successful—no matter the end result. Why? Because when you choose love, you are choosing the most powerful force in human history. Love guides. Love compels. Love inspires. Love gives you courage, passion and discipline. When your love is pure, you know where to go, what to do and how to act. Love makes you brave, alive and resilient. When you choose love, you’re choosing success. You are being successful, not matter the outcome. When you choose love, you’re choosing to live from within because you don’t have an external force that drives you to live fully alive. You are already alive! If I had to choose again, I would choose love, again and again. I love this city and I love the people. I choose love.
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