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The BEST with the BEST! @backstreetboys on @theellenshow TODAY! Yay! 🖤
🖤•That second verse slay•🖤 I have not had the time to celebrate my husband and the boys second single ‘Chances’ and the incredible music video directed by @renejr AND @aj_mclean I am so excited for the @backstreetboys and the success they keep achieving. It isn’t without hard work, determination, love, sweat, tears, a great support system, a great team and THE BEST fans in the whole world! I couldn’t be happier to see them where they are today! #whatarethechances #dna #dnaworldtour
Just our here in Beverly Hills making some lemonade 🍋 It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week. A WEEK! One week since we checked into our hotel after being displaced by the #woolseyfire . In this past week I have seen those helpers that Mr Rogers was talking about.HELPERS that ran towards the fire. HELPERS that ran to help their neighbors. I have never seen a community come together so quickly. I have never seen a community be so thoughtful and giving even when those givers were suffering from their own loss. I have never seen such respect and appreciation for all the first responders in our community. And all those from all over California and our neighbor states who came to assist as we fell short handed so quickly. In such darkness and tragedy, I have seen so much beauty and light. I hope that my community takes this and continues. Continues to be compassionate and giving. Continues to reach out and help those in need. Continues to open their hearts and just live a life of unconditional sharing and love. Because that is what this world needs right now. Tomorrow we move hotels and get a little closer to home. School is still out for one more week as our district works hard to make our schools clean and safe for our children to attend. It will be nice to get back to some sort of normalcy as we navigate what to do next. The scars from this fire, the fear and the loss will live in all of our hearts and on the land for a long time, if not forever. If you live in California and need a little light and joy... this photo was taken in Beverly Hills on Beverly and Wilshire Blvd. Beverly and Rodeo Drive have some amazing Christmas lights up! Go for a drive and take some photos! You won’t regret it♥️ #californialove ♥️
Since Thursday November 8th, we have experienced heartbreak after heartbreak. A mass shooting with 12 lives lost and a massive fire, mandatory evacuations, homes lost, families and pets homeless. Here is something to smile about. Here are the boys with their babies! Baylee is not pictured because he was being all grown up and in New York when this photo was shot. These 5 men are 5 incredible dads! They work so insanely hard to provide the best they can for their kids. They sacrifice and miss a lot. Their absence is noticed but yet appreciated. Their work ethic and passion for their art is a lesson continually taught and passed on to their children. I am so blessed to witness this and for this to be my family! I am surrounded by great men, even greater wives and some of the coolest, smartest and most talented kids I know. THIS IS MY BACKSTREET FAMILY! It extends to so many other amazing people that are behind the scenes as well. You all know who you are! Forever grateful to know you all and I love you all more than an Instagram post could ever express 🖤
11:20pm Thursday night we got a call to evacuate. Without any hesitation we grabbed the girls and our dog and didn’t look back. Trying to leave our neighborhood was something you only see in blockbuster films. Cars and cars of families just running for their lives with nowhere to go. We were lucky to find a hotel to stay for the night as available rooms were scarce. 30,000 families trying to find a place to stay. At 2:15am we got notice that our trees in our backyard were up in flames. By 4:30am I learned that my next door neighbors house had burned to the ground. This is a photo of their house. They lost everything. The fence you see is the fence that we share. After a day of waiting we learned that by some miracle our house still stands! Some minor burn marks on the exterior of the house and landscaping that can easily be replaced was the damage that we endured. My heart breaks for my neighbors and friends who lost everything. I want to thank the fire department who is working tirelessly and saving homes as if they were their own. I’m not sure when we will be able to return home, as evacuation orders are still in effect. But it is because of them that we will have our house to go home to! We are so insanely blessed. Please pray for my community as we have been through so much in the past 48 hours. And please Pray for our first responders out there saving homes and lives! #california #woosleyfire
Breaking my social media silence to send love to my community today. This is where my kids are growing up. This is where my family and friends live. Unnecessary gun violence and mass shootings become a whole other monster when it happens in your backyard. THIS is the time to talk about gun control! THIS is the time to talk about mental health care! Because if not now, when?! . . May the innocent souls who lost their lives last night Rest In Peace. Sending love, strength and healing to all the victims and victims families. And to Sgt Ron Helus... thank you for your service and may you Rest In Peace
Feeling grateful for all the love in this life! Thank you to everyone for all the Birthday wishes! . . Swipe for some Birthday/Disney/Ava’s dance team picnic goodness!
No filter needed . #pictureday #kindergarten
Like mother like daughter... Lyric had to put an ice pack on her head because mommy had an ice pack on her head #migraine
FINALLY!!! . . @aj_mclean guest stars as Kuchimba, an adorable golden mole with a sweet singing voice, in a new episode of #TheLionGuard premiering Friday, September 7 at 1pm on #DisneyChannel and #DisneyNOW .
Throwback to the days when I used to spend hours in the tattoo shop. Oh, and when I used to ignore my hair dye allergy 🖤
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